Christmas and Dinosaurs – Michelle H

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Hello chipboard fans!!!  I am so excited to share my first Christmas card of the season!  Each year I make a list of recipients I want to impress with scrappy powers.  Each year I fail to send the cards. Not this year!!! I’m ready!  Scrap FX helped get the party started:     One great thing […]

Summer Lovin’ by Michelle H.

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Hello Michelle here.   Today I want to share a scrapbook page and detailed photos of my blog hop project, a camping minibook.   First up one of the most troublesome pages I’ve made in a while.   I had a really hard time coming up with a design concept for these photos (which I […]

Moving past mistakes in your scrapbooking By Michelle Hernandez

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We’ve all been there- the moment when you take technique experimentation one step too far . Such as: (No this was NOT intended. I don’t like the charred ash look.) Oil based gesso doesn’t like heat. It started to bubble up the second I pointed the heat gun at it. It looked like the skyline […]

“Scrapping Neutral Colors and Organizing your Paper for quick access”

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Hello! Michelle here from Brooklyn, New York! I was honored to be asked to return for a second term on this team. I love Scrap FX chipboard and stencil products and how diverse they are in style. I’m looking forward to the new year and all the cool new designs! This month’s release was particularly […]

Spring on the brain- Scrap FX floral designs

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Hello! Michelle here with a couple of spring friendly pages using the latest Scrap FX floral designs. Our recent technique blog hop made one thing crystal clear- Scrap Fx customers LOVE floral designs! I fully agree. I wanted to scrap some cute photos of my best friend’s baby boy whom I like to call Mr. […]

Experimenting with water color paper and gesso- A Scrap FX page

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Good day everyone! This weekend was full of creative energy. I made several pages which is very rare. Fellow Scrap FX DT member Scarlett has told me several times that the best way to use gesso or paint on a page is to spray some water on the paper first and to make sure whatever […]

“Scrap FX Arrows in three ways” by Michelle H.

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  I got very excited when I saw this January’s Scrap FX release. I LOVE arrows! I’ve loved them since I started scrapping in 2009. Suddenly arrows are back in “style” (along with anchors- HUH??! I know- but I still love them). I had all day to scrap last sunday (a very rare occurrence) so […]

Michelle’s December Daily Mini

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HIYA! Christmas has come and gone. This year was a whirlwind due to work schedules, family visits and a toddler who insists she can only really know something by climbing and jumping off of it. Fun times. I wanted two things from this year’s album: a red, silver and white color palette a stark modern […]

Nuts about Lightbulbs!

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Hello scrap happy folks!!! Today I have a quick page I want to share. December was somewhat difficult for our family. My husband started a new job that required he work 12 hour days, 7 days a week. He would leave the house at 6am- before our three year old was awake and return around […]

Scrap Style Smack Down!

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Hello from New York scrap happy people! When life gets too stressful I retreat into my scrap room and play with paper. I’ve been struggling with a massive time crunch lately due to working unpredictable hours and a 3 year old who is active and needs Mom’s attention more than ever. I had 2 hours […]