What’s the best way to stick transparencies down?   There are lots of options, but the best one is matte gel medium, as this dries clear and matte and is virtually invisible.  Other options are double sided tape placed in strategic places, Gesso or Acrylic Paint can also be used as a glue, and colours the transparency at the same time.  Samples are below.

This girl on this transparency was coloured with fluoro orange acrylic paint.



 This journal page was created and then a section of the Dream transparency was overlaid on top using double sided tape under some of the words.

   Dream transparency       

These journal pages used paint to highlight words which also adhered the transparency to the paper.  The silhouette face transparency was glued with matte gel medium.

Silhouette Faces transparency   

 Label Maker Negative transparency   


On this journal page, the phrase from the Art Phrases transparency was highlighted with fluoro pink and white gesso which was then adhered to the page.

     Art Phrases transparency

On this scrapbook page part of the Alphabet collage transparency was adhered with double sided tape underneath the photo.

Alphabet Collage transparency  

The border from the Halloween transparency was adhered with double sided tape under the black parts of the frame and skeleton.

Halloween Transparency  

You can also colour transparencies, with alcohol ink, or markers like a copic pen.

This Science transparency has been coloured with alcohol inks.  Alcohol markers make it easier to control where you want the colour.

Science transparency

If you’re not keen on the shine of the transparency, brush a thin layer of matte gel medium over it all, or use the side of the transparency that is not so shiny.