A Little Something by Claire

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Good morning dear readers!

Claire here to share a few extra designs.


First a “moustache” one (I have loads of moustache pictures!)


and closer views on the chippies…


And you can see on this picture that I used the chevron stencil and the woodgrain stencil…


item used: chipboard Family words (2013052),

Speech bubbles B (2012372),

Stencil chevrons (2012152),

Wood grain Stencil (2013145),

clouds and raindrops stencil (2012169)


This layout is a “bubble” one.

I used the Bubble border (2013118) that I cut in three parts and that I painted in black.


I then drew bubbles with China ink to complete…


I also used parts of the Urban corner (2013081)



Items used:

Bubble border (2013118)
Urban corner (2013081)


And finally some little notebooks I helped my daughter create to give to her teachers…

They are really simple, but we added a mini apple on each to give a bit 3D…

Luckie-ScrapFX-carnetsItem used: Mini Apples (2013137)


Thanks for visiting and have a nice day!

3 Responses to “A Little Something by Claire”

  1. I just love how fun all your layouts are Claire!! And those notebooks look fab, great idea for teachers gifts!

  2. I must have missed this! Such fun creations! Love them all!

  3. Michelle says:

    I LOVE that second page Luckie!!! The small layered details are so random and work together so well- really beautifully done. I also love the idea of cutting out stencil squares and adding them to a page- the design looks great and if you make a mistake you can switch a square out- the mixed alpha title is also awesome. Those notebook covers are fantastic- I hope the teachers loved their gifts!