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Greetings ScrapFX Fans! Michelle and I (Scarlett) are really excited to share our Project Life experiences with you once again.  We’re learning more and more about our PL styles: what works, what doesn’t, how to make time, how to make up for it, how to let go of pressures, how to hold on to what really matters, and of course how to use our ScrapFX goodies to the fullest.  Did you know that each month since we’ve started this journey ScrapFX has released some goodies specifically geared to Project Lifers??  Oh yes, we’re quite spoiled and quite thankful for it! Lets take a look at how those special products were put to use.

Michelle’s Spreads


This month’s Project Life inserts had to come together very quickly- 2 hours per page or less. I’m in the middle of packing up our home for a big move so I have no time to fuss around with tiny details. I used a Project Life kit from Cocoa Daisy to make things go faster since the items were already color coordinated and cut to size. I still procrastinated as I haven’t found an efficient way to print and keep track of dates for my photos.

I always delight in seeing Michelle’s spreads with her graphic design style and adorable shots of cutie daughter and beautiful family.  She puts some fun arrow chippies to use on this page from ScrapFX’s older lines, but do you spy all the mini’s from the newest releases?  Oh yes a Project Lifer’s dream come true.  Of course these are perfect for cardmakers, scrappers, and all creative types as well.


I used a Scrap FX Project Life kraft insert for the base here. I painted it with light blue acrylic paint and stamped in a GREAT Cocoa Daisy months stamp set with red Prima chalk ink. Again I was having a hard time illustrating my thoughts on moving away from Brooklyn when I realized- hello tiny apples!!!!

Here you can see the Mini Apples (2013137) up close.  Aren’t they cute?  Love how they vary in size just a bit.  Really touching card Michelle has created on her upcoming move.  I’ll miss seeing her photos of NY for sure but look forward to seeing her document her new adventures.


May was a tough weather month in the US. Tornadoes in the middle of the country, floods in the coasts. New York had plenty of fog and cold weather. I don’t have a good shot of the weather but the ScrapFX umbrellas and tiny lightning bolts illustrate my journaling perfectly. The yellow journaling card is from a Me & My Big Ideas Project Life pack. The kraft Project Life insert sized card is from ScrapFX- the card is sturdier than normal kraft paper and perfect for mixed media techniques.

May was indeed tough in the U.S. for weather, especially Oklahoma and our thoughts are steady with them.  Michelle has done an awesome job illustrating you don’t need photos to get your story told!  She has also showed off the fantabulous new kraft inserts we were able to play with.  Oh my are these ever great!  A mixed media artist’s dream come true!!!


The nautical theme is huge for the summer. Our family doesn’t go to the beach that often but I have easy access to the river ferries here in New York City and plenty of “sea” shots of the East River. As I worked on this page I realized I am not using my Project Life to record specific moments although that does happen especially with all the today’s date embellishments available. My Project Life is more about creative play and experimenting with color combinations and ideas I may later want to explore in a full scrapbook page. Some people keep art journals- I keep an “art project life”. Whatever you do- make it yours!

Another marvelous spread, really eclectic in nature – love that! –  and this time Michelle really shows off the array of mini word items ScrapFX now offers.  She also gets at the core of how she is really starting to express herself and her family’s story through her Project Life album.  She tells her stories but also plays and experiments.  Making it not only an album to be cherished in years to come but a reference for herself for future projects.  Cool beans, right?


I love the scribble word titles! I was a little stumped by this photo and didn’t really know if I should go for a full “nautical theme” with anchors and waves when I realized the paper itself had plenty going on already. This chippie’s circular design works perfectly because it echoes the vellum circles I had already used.

I adore this insert.  The photo is gorgeous and the  Love Scribble Sentiment (2013041) is perfectly suited for it.  Michelle always rocks the bare chipboard look and this is no exception.  It stands out yet blends in.  The perfect balance.

Michelle used the following ScrapFX items on her spreads:

Cherish Words  (2013053)

Family Words (2013052)

Scribble Sentiments model  (2013041)

Mini Houses (2013123)

Moments Words  (2013054)

Mini Rain Set  (2013143)

Mini Apples (2013137)

Arrows Boxes  (20122373)

Arrows, Fancy (2012374)

 Scarlett’s Spreads


I cannot even tell you how excited I was when I saw the newest release of the mini chipboard pieces. I adore all things mini to begin with but to see tiny ScrapFX trees, suns, clouds,rainbows, and more?? Ahh! I was in chipboard heaven. I knew straight away I’d have a lot fun creating scenes and more with these pieces. How could you not when itty bitty apples are involved? I mean check those lil’ cutie things out!!

I continue to enjoy using my Project Life as a little creative outlet for me.  Not only am I documenting the everyday and some additional stories that may not get told otherwise, but I get to create little pockets of art.  I’ve always enjoyed creating ATCs, tags, and other small creative projects – now they seem to have taken on an additional bit of meaning within the PL context.


I put numerous ScrapFX stencils to work in layers on this insert to create a unique title card for my album. I used gesso, watercolors, paint, pastes, gel medium, NeoColors, and more on this kraft card.   I’m so looking forward to all the possibilities these inserts offer.

I wanted to include the shot of this insert to show you just how sturdy the new kraft inserts are.  I use a monthly format for my PL and this is my intro to May card.  I’ve layered on numerous wet mediums and yet this card didn’t warp!!  I didn’t need to bend, heat, twist, or put a firm book on top to get it to regain its shape.  Super impressive and a real pleasure to work on.


This is truly a hodge podge spread. Very much reflective of our daily life – a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I think these are my favorite kind of spreads and my family’s too. What I’ve found is my PL album is becoming like a diary for me. I get to share intimate thoughts I might not get out otherwise on a page. I think because there is less pressure of having the perfection of a page the journaling becomes so much easier. My family has really embraced looking at this album and that warms this mama’s heart.

Here again you’ll see I’ve created lots of my own insert backgrounds and even incorporated a full ATC.  I enjoy carrying my artsy, whimsical, freestyle, eclectic – whatever nature in to my PL album.  Ha! I don’t know what to call ‘my style’. I don’t tend to think to much about whether my pockets will match one another.  I just create based on what will go with the photo or thoughts at hand. My thoughts are rainbows contain all the colors and look good together so chances are my pages with oodles of color will work.


I took a lot of photos in May thanks to the monthly photo-a-day prompts I follow along with. Do I complete each daily prompt? No. I’d love to but I’m not that good yet – ha! I use a couple of them each month though to help me think outside the box in my photo capturing. With teens its become a bit challenging to get shots and the prompts have helped me immensely. This photo is one I took using the prompts and its a fav. I use Instagram to upload my shots and journal heavily along with each one. Its really a great tool and while I may bore the daylights out of my followers at times it really helps me because I can easily go back to my feed and pull my journaling for my inserts.

This insert showcases one of the smaller sized kraft inserts.  They are just as delightful as the larger ones.  I will need these by the dozens I tell ya’ and so will you.


In starting this spread I really struggled with keeping it simple. There were so many times I wanted to add more, but it really just didn’t work. I also learned that while I don’t consider myself a flourish girl I always love using them when I do. They are totally fun to alter up and add little bits to. Maybe I need to think of myself as a flourish girl more often. 😉

This spread was a bit of a shift for me in style.  I actually made a conscious effort to match the colors and tried out using full photos as inserts for the first time.  Even with these changes, there are still things about the spreads that are true to my normal ‘style’ as well. But it was fun to change things up a bit.


I must admit I had a blast doodling and embellishing the full photos on this spread. Those pockets really stand out and in hindsight I think I could have easily done all four pockets in this manner creating a pretty cool effect. Ah well you live, you learn, you have ideas for the next time.

Using full photos for inserts really makes putting spreads together go quick, especially when you can easily add some ScrapFX letters and words to get across your thoughts.  I know this will become part of my process in the future for photos I really adore.  Something else I really adore are those little clouds…sigh…they will become a staple in my scrapping adventures for sure.  Clouds are definitely my signature scrap thing.


This is truly the fastest spread I’ve ever brought together. I think because I limited my paper choices, didn’t use a ton of messy techniques, and had full photos the time was cut down. I love how it all looks together and it works for this spread. I know this won’t be my typical representation but for these photos and this spread it worked. This is what I find wonderful about PL – flexibility and freedom in what I do and how I do it. Like Michelle said – make it work for you!

This is the Prom spread together.  As I’ve shared before monumental moments like this will get special attention in my PL album.  I’m not a great theme scrapper and while some of these will get scrapped on LOs at some point, making a PL spread about them while the memories of this day were fresh in my head was much easier for me to achieve.

I used the following ScrapFX items on my spreads:

Clouds & Raindrops Stencil (2012169)

Leafy Swirls Stencil (2013029)

Urban Stencil (2012348)

Months – April, May, June (2007375)

Photography Pack (2012109) (Say Cheese piece)

Mini Suns (2013129)

Mini Apple Trees (2013128)

Mini Oak Trees (2013125)

Mini Rainbows (2013122)

Mini Houses (2013123)

Mini Road Bike (2013135)

Mini Apples (2013137)

Mini Clouds (2013121)

Speech Bubbles A – Whatever (2012371)

Brickwork (2011173) (as stencil)

Tags, Mixed White (2012042)

Vine Leaf Corners (2011169)

Dad Tie Pack (2012269)

Words of Love (2013050)

Family Words (2013052)

Itty Bitty Bets “Serif” (2005102)

Itty Bitty Bets “Groovy” (2005104)

Playground Numbers (2012304)

Light Bulbs (2012333) (moment word cut from one)

Well that is how Michelle and I are evolving in expressing ourselves and Project Life styles.  How are you expressing yourself and style these days with your ScrapFX goods?  Are you getting your Project Life on too or are other creative endeavors what capture your attention?  Take some time and share with us via our Facebook page.  We love to see what our fans are up to!! Not a fan yet??  Be sure to like us up so you don’t miss out on the fun haps to come.

Until next time, happy scrapping!

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