Wordlets Three Ways with Adrienne

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Hi All! Back for some Scrap FX Shares!
Now, I don’t know about anyone else, but I thoroughly enjoy the creative process. I enjoy picking out product to creating a design, and journaling. Pretty much everything EXCEPT coming up with a title. Its like I build up to this point at the end, where I just stop stiff in my tracks, because I can never find the inspiration for a title or the motivation to make it creative. Sometimes, I totally leave it off my page completely. But for the most part I would LOVE to have one, and just can’t. LOL!
That is the beauty of these Scrap FX Wordlets. They are that perfect sweet ending I am looking for and take the guess work out of having to come up with a title when my mojo is sunk. I can pull out a wordlet that fits my thoughts towards the photo and story and be able to quickly alter it to suit my needs.
So, today I will be showing your Wordlets: 3 Ways in 5 minutes or less. These are three very simple ways to alter your titles. So here we go!
1. For my first Wordlet I chose Unconditional Love.
To alter this one I am going to simply mist heavily onto raw chipboard. For more dramatic color, prime with Gesso first. Once dry, I am going to take a bold stamp and some black ink and stamp a design over top.



2. Next Up is this totally adorable Wordlet :Totally Loveable.
Prime your peice with gesso. While the Gesso is still wet sprinkle over top with microbeads. Once it is all dry take some water color to the whole chippy. You can flick it on so it splashes, or you can just paint as your normally would. Each with give a slightly different look.




Finally, Love Beyond Measure…. love this one. 🙂
I have also used the unique Wood Grain Stencil to create my background
This technique is soooo easy. I am always looking for new ways to do things and having two little ones, I did not have to look too far to find it- it was ALL OVER THE FLOOR by my feet 🙂 Crayons. Yep. I grabbed some and started scribbling. So easy. Solid color coverage and effects look awesome.


I hope that you have been inspired to find new and easy ways to finish off a project with Scrap FX Wordlets!
Until Next Time,


3 Responses to “Wordlets Three Ways with Adrienne”

  1. great ideas Adrienne…. love the layouts and all the texture you create!

  2. These pages are FABULOUS!!!
    I LOVE all three pages- the wonderful painterly effects- I have the microbeads!! I just need to develop the courage to use them- I’ve ruined so many wordlets trying to figure out how to get smooth gesso textures!!!
    The neon page can be entered in the Let’s Get Trendy Now neon link- you can find details on my blog but there’s a prize up for grabs- I think your last page might win it! 🙂
    I totally agree with you in titles- usually I leave those for last as they are a pun on the photo and I rarely plan ahead which photo I’m using. Many times I run out of space when it’s time to add the title OOPS- you did such a wonderful job with these- love the energy of the second page, the color of the third but that first page takes the cake- stunning!

  3. Amazing work! I love the volume you put on every of your pages!