ScrapFX Chippies and Stencils Make Project Life a Breeze

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Hi ScrapFX Fans! Scarlett and Michelle back with April’s Project Life installment.

I (Scarlett) have to say since our last post my pages have come together quickly.  Wow!  I can’t believe I didn’t jump on this bandwagon sooner – with ScrapFX in hand all I really have to do is grab my photos and go to town – though that does take some time, its totally worth it!


Here I used the Love Scribble Sentiment (2013041), backed it with paper, and added some curled wire bits to turn it into a sun. I also used the Chevron Stencil (2012152) with paint on the lower left card.

I adore how there are chippies for every occasion – I was even able to find one from the Speech Bubbles A, Whatever ((2012371) set to work for my teen that went down sick over his entire spring break – poor guy.  I’m in hopes there will be more speech bubbles added to the store soon!


I love the Weekdays (2012012) wordlets and know these will be a staple for my PL pages. I’ve also used a piece from the Adore Words (2013065) set on this page. I was so excited over the all the new mini word sets, can’t stop using them on various creations!! The stencil on this page is the Flower Pattern Stencil, Small (2012155) and the exclamation marks speech bubble from the Speech Bubbles A, Whatever (2012371) set.

The Itty Bitty Bets alphabets will forever have me smitten.  Here I’ve used the Groovy (2005104) font.  These should surely be in every Project Lifers (and creators) stash – tiny alpha packing a dimensional punch? Whats not to love about that?!

Here’s a peek at this spread together:


The album I’m filling is 8×8. My pages vary in size from 6×8 – 8×8. Some are regular PL type pages and other are inserts of things important to me and our family. There are also pages with created on a more mixed media type base. So I guess overall my album is quite eclectic and mixed media in nature. Very fitting to my style. I don’t think I could manage PL all that well any other way and I think that is whats important – to find a way that works for you and the way you like to create!!

Really love how the photos and chippies immediately tell the stories upon looking at the pages. I should also say I have pages and pages for each week since I do 6×8, but I love this size and I get lost in doing my thing when I actually sit down and focus on my PL.  Its making the time to do it and being disciplined in it that can be tricky.


The Dog Theme Pack (2007277) came in handy for the first card of this page. I used two of the bones and cut off the word lick to use on its own. Always love having some Field of Flowers (2012178) pieces around – they provide such a beautiful touch. Chicken Wire (2011186) pieces are always great accents as well. One thing I was super excited to pick up and receive in my last order was the Seasons Wordlet Theme Pack (2009374). I may have to get one or two more – ha! The arrow embellishments on this page were made using the Arrow Stencil, small (2012379) and some modeling paste.

I should really have snowflakes in place of the raindrops on this page since that is the type of spring we’ve had – seriously ridiculous – but I do love my Clouds and Raindrops Stencil (2012169) so I rolled with what I already had made up – my tip I’ll leave you with is always make more of whatever your stenciling when you’re creating!

Now for Michelle’s pages.


The Flutterby J Rose (2013013) is used beautifully on this page and immediately brings your eye to the photo. Michelle also used a fish from the Fishies (2009359) pack and added just a splash of color to it making it pop.

This time around Michelle focused on using some of her fav ScrapFX items – The Playground Numbers (2012304) to enhance her inserts.  These are brilliant for Project Life – various sizes and extra zeros.


Here you can see the variation in size of the Playground Numbers. The set comes with two of each number.

She is still working toward finding the optimal time to work on her Project Life spreads.  Right now she says, ” I take too long choosing papers and deciding what images to use.” I struggle with this as well – so much life to capture, so few pockets to fill and many good papers to choose from!!


On this spread Michelle used a piece from the Cherish Words (2013053) set and left it bare. She used the Itty Bitty Bets Typewriter (2005103) letters to create a bold and fun mixed title for her snowman pocket. To go along with her Asian themed pocket she chose to use a piece from the Pasta & Rice (2009122) set. Really cool piece to use even though there isn’t actually food in the picture.

Ideally she’d like to spend maybe a couple hours every Sunday putting together her spreads since she has other to accomplish that day as well – biggest of all being going on outings worth scrapping!! Michelle keeps reminding herself though she loves seeing the finished pages (I so do too!) and this makes it all worth it.


This is a pocket Michelle is especially proud of. She used “bathroom” people for stencils and by reading the journaling, along with the addition of the cherish chipboard piece, I can tell this holds real meaning to her.

This week she hopes to get all her PL materials in one small box and use only those items for her inserts.  This way she can concentrate on telling the stories and making each pocket more individualized with some funky techniques.  Sounds like a good plan to me.

So have you given Project Life a try?  Have any tips to share with us?  We’d love to hear them!  Are you using your ScrapFX products to help document your stories?  We’d love to see so be sure to head on over to our Facebook page here and share with us.  We’ll see you next month with more of our Project Life journey to share!

4 Responses to “ScrapFX Chippies and Stencils Make Project Life a Breeze”

  1. Wow girls you are blowing me away with these projects, every little one a work to be admired!!!! You both rock!!!

  2. Michelle says:

    Thank you so much for saving my bacon by writing this up Scarlett!! Your pages look AMAZING!!!! I love the level of painterly detail you work into each insert! Yes I agree- it gets easier once you get into the groove. I really need to schedule time for this so my pages stay fresh- right now I’m still lokmg back Nd I’d prefer it be a more g’day to day- le a ones e a day diary. Hmmmm ideas!!!

  3. Wow,Awesome work Scarlett & Michelle!!!

  4. Oh girls!! This is gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing!!