Everyday Moments by Scarlett

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Hi Everyone!  Scarlett with you today and I’m delighted to be back for another year.  To say I was thrilled to be asked to stay on would be an understatement – truly blessed to be here to inspire you all again.

I find everyday moments inspire me most, after all they happen everyday.  The newest releases really lend themselves well to focusing on these moments, thus the title of my post, and I hope to give you some fresh ideas on how to use them.

Like Family Moments


Can I tell you I am seriously smitten with the new tiny words! Oh my. I will be ordering these by the bunches as I’ve already used them abundantly! On this page I’ve used the Family Words (2013052) and Moments Words (2013054) to create my title. Quick bit of embossing and doodling and they were set to go.

The Scribble Heart, large (2013042) provided the main inspiration for this page.  As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted to place photos inside it to create a collage, from there I created a scene around it.


I was digging through my stash of chippies looking for something small to place on the flower and found my package of Butterflies, mixed (2008157) – a hidden gem. I added a sparse coating of gesso to each piece, then misted them with a couple different mists – one sparkly and one not. The gesso provided a uneven coat of mist, because it resists it a bit, giving the butterflies a design of sorts. Kind of cool I think. Then I outlined each with a gel pen and gave them a glittery body.

I glittered the Dandelion, heart (2013049) ,after using it as a stamp (you’ll see this in my following project), and created my own paper flower using the Daisy Garden Stencil (2013030) and some VersaMark ink.  I really had a blast with this technique and will be using it again for sure.  Keep an eye on my blog for a tutorial – lack of consistent internet connection has delayed things. Arrggh. Should be good to go now (fingers crossed), so new tutorials soon!!


The clouds on this page were created with a couple stamps I carved using the Clouds and Raindrops stencil (2012169) as a template. I stamped onto sticky back canvas and used each piece as an embellishment.

One last little scene created on the corner with the help of my all time favorite little birdie from the Bird Family, mini (2010032) set and a Whimsy Tree B – Heart (2009111) decked out with some Flower Soft. Oh yes it isn’t just meant for creating flowers.

Other moments I like to capture are of my kids and their friends like this photo of my daughter and her BFF dancing together one summer day:


On this canvas piece I used a lot of the same chippies as in the above project. Birds from the Bird Family, mini set – of course!! And the hearts are from the cut off portion of the Whimsy Tree B – Heart. I never am one to waste a thing and these hearts came in handy.

These are truly Moments to Live For (2013073) – this wordlet couldn’t have captured it any better – carefree summer days with girlfriends – ahh! the innocence of childhood.  I adore how ScrapFX always seems to have the perfect phrase for what I want to say.


I embossed the wordlet with UTEE to give it a nice glossy finish. Then I pounced on my own glitter glue mixture and finished off the piece with some sparse outlining with a white gel pen.  You can see in the upper portion of this picture I did this on the Scribble Rectangle (2013045) used on this project as well.


Here you can see how I used the Dandelion, heart chipboard piece as a stamp with some gesso before using it on my above project as an embellishment. I love how ScrapFX chippies can be used in so many ways!!

The butterfly texture was created by using the Butterfly Stencil/Embellishment (2013024).  I placed the stencil onto my canvas and rubbed a generous amount of the paste over it.  I wanted to have variations in the texture of my background to create a cloudy, sky like effect so I wasn’t concerned with blending down the paste.  If this is a concern to you when working on a project, blend down the medium you’re working with using your fingers until it is even with your background.

There you have it documenting every day moments with all these new fabulous releases from ScrapFX.  Whether you’re a scrapper, card maker, project lifer, mixed media artist – I guarantee you’re gonna find a moment you can document using these pieces.

Be inspired to capture it!

9 Responses to “Everyday Moments by Scarlett”

  1. Just so funky Scarlett!!! Love all the elements you have used to create these killer LO’s!! Although I have to admit the eyes on those birds freaked me out a little, (in a good way)!!! LOL The background work on the second one is awesome, I could go on and on about what I liked here….. !!!!

  2. absolutely lovely…lovin all the colours..xx

  3. WHAT?? I LOOOOVE that you filled the large scribble heart with photos!! GENIUS!!! GREAT color and texture effects- I really love the butterfly impasto background- that is GORGEOUS!!! I also spot some of my favorite tricks of yours- the googly eyes on the birds (KEUUTE!) and the 3d butterfly- amazing work Scarlett!

  4. Ohhh! Your layouts are just amazing!! I’m always admirative if the way you use colours all over your page. It is absolutely impossible for me to do that!! Bravo!!

  5. Wow! Gorgeous work Scarlett!

  6. AMAZING! seriously?! I don’t know how you always put me in awe! I love how you’ve created the stamped background with the heart dandelion. Looks awesome!

  7. Beautiful work Scarlett,love your texture & color!!!

  8. Oh scarlett. Seriously, I see your projects, infused with color and personality…just oozing the awesomeness that is you……and they make me happy. I love the textures, and I guess we were on the same page with stamping with chippies. Wonder twins..unite! Thanks for always being amazing. <3

  9. Beautiful work Scarlett, love the texture you’ve created!