Nuts about Lightbulbs!

by admin

Hello scrap happy folks!!!

Today I have a quick page I want to share.

December was somewhat difficult for our family.

My husband started a new job that required he work 12 hour days, 7 days a week.

He would leave the house at 6am- before our three year old was awake and return around 9pm- past her bedtime.

One day he got home early and it was like Elvis entered the building! Both were jumping and yelling and carrying on so I took out my iPod to take a quick photo- it’s now one of my all time favorites.

I took this photo as part of my December Daily mini album. I’ll be showing you some pages from that in my next post. I decided to shoot black and white this year. For this page I used  Crate Paper embellishments and paper as well as the FABULOUS new steampunk Scrap FX light bulb designs. Also- if you noticed- the scribble is TOTALLY proof of my crazy scrap life right now. I decided to leave it there- a memento of this time.

I like to poke fun at my hubby sometimes but the truth is he is incredibly supportive of my hobby.

He won’t stand for actual scrap talk- the man DOES have boundaries- but he’ll valiantly distract the kiddo while I work. Our daughter is DETERMINED.

Without him running defense, several pages met their early deaths this month.

My big idea was to use diamond Stickles on the chipboard so that they “glowed”. Nlow I think painting them white and adding the stickles on top would have been a better solution- it would have shown better.

The flowers are from Petaloo. I was supposed to color them in but I really liked the mono chrome effect the page took on. The “moment” lightbulb might be my favorite Scrap FX design ever. I probably I say that on every post but really- this is a GREAT piece!!!

For this page I used the following items :

Light bulbs (3 pack)- model# 2012333

Light Bulb- Cogs model #2012332

Retro Flourish Frame- model #2012338

I hope you had a fantastic Christmas holiday and  wonderful New Year!

May 2013 bring only good things your way.



3 Responses to “Nuts about Lightbulbs!”

  1. very cool page and sweet photo!

  2. Sharryn Thomson says:

    Love this page Michelle and what a beautiful photo 🙂

  3. This is ahhhhhhhhhh-mazing! I absolutely love the glitter on the lightbulbs and the entire design is perfect!