A challenge of time- 30 minute page

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Hello from soggy but still standing Brooklyn, NY Scrap FX readers!

I want to say something deep and insightful about Hurricane Sandy but frankly nothing will do justice to the people who lost loved ones or who’s homes were destroyed.

I spent the 2 days scrapping to distract myself from the howling wind and rattling window frames. One of the challenges I posed myself was to make a page in 30 minutes or less.

This was incredibly hard for me.

I second guess every decision in my work so imposing a deadline is actually a great way to focus. If you, like me, tend have a lot of unfinished projects because you are multi tasking, this might be the solution for you!

I used gesso, Stickles and Martha Stewart acrylic paint to finish the following Scrap FX items:

Bows- set of three model #2009280

Seed stem model number #2012240

Priceless barcode model #209348

30 minute page tips

1. Use items from the same brand and line. “DUH!” you say but I tend to cherry pick collections, buying only patterns or colors I like. I also tend to buy online in spurts so my stash was arranged by orders instead of by item category or brand.  I’ve started storing items from the same collections together instead of separating things into categories like stickers, alphabets and embellishments.

2. Set up your tools in advance. You want to use your sewing machine but it’s sitting in a box in the closet- ACK! I haven’t started and I’m already tired! Break that machine out of it’s cardboard jail and give it pride of place! Let the paper go into storage- you’ll need it no matter what. Just make sure everything is in one place. If you store paper in three different areas you’ll tend to ignore the stuff that’s hard to get to.

The paper, stickers and border strips are all from the American Crafts Dear Lizzy line. I decided to write this story after I realized I was spending more time wading through my stash than actually making scrapbook pages. The bottom strip of paper is from my tightly hoarded and beloved Sassafras Lass collection. Other people swear by the power of a Prada pump- Michelle prefers paper.

3. RUTHLESSLY CULL YOUR COLLECTION! This is the hardest part for me. I want to “collect” certain brands. I have a tiny room I share with my daughter so 2 things happen: she finds something I’ve stored and “uses” it or I find it- a year after I bought it again thinking I didn’t have it. So get rid of that old paper! It’s JUST PAPER! Yes, I KNOW you paid X amount for it! But it’s just sitting there taking up valuable living space. Donate tools and paper to a school, shelter, hospital or daycare center. Trust me- someone else will cherish it as much as you did.

4. Develop a personal “style kit”. Notice what tools or materials you use most and keep them in a box next to your work space. Tend to use a lot of gesso or twine? Keep that in your box along with your Scrap FX chipboard and whatever else you love and use most. Don’t include items you change from page to page like paper or stickers. Try to limit the box to items you see in a lot of your work. Every few months go over the items in the box and cull those as well. That butterfly punch no longer making it’s way into your pages? Storage! Maybe next year you’ll love it again!

This is a page that will get the “redo”treatment but for 30 minutes flat I think this is a great start.

5. DO NOT pre-print photos. I find that having too many images printed adds time to my scrapping because I tend to use them to procrastinate. Sometimes they NEED to be in chronological order- other times I just have to find the right box to fit them all. Either way I’m spending loads of time shuffling photos instead of making pages. Do you have a procrastinating ritual? Is it going on social media websites for “inspiration”. Cut that out or if you REALLY need it- time yourself. Pinterest? 5 minutes! Shuffling photos? No more printing. Print only what you will use that week- and get scrapping!

That’s it for now. Do you have any storage or efficiency tips? Share them here! I could use some more help!



One Response to “A challenge of time- 30 minute page”

  1. Sharryn Thomson says:

    Thanks for the tips on keeping focus when scrapping on a time limit Michelle as I’m such a procrastinator.
    So sorry you had to experience Hrricane Sandy I can’t imagine how scary it would’ve been xx