Loving the triangle trend!

by admin

I suppose it was only a matter of time before triangles would become a trend again.

Without them, chevrons would be boring straight lines and stars just regular circles.

I like using basic shapes on my layouts because they free me to think about pattern combos and journaling.

I wanted to keep things ultra simple for this page and I wanted to use a beautiful but totally over-powering red weathered board photo print from My Mind’s Eye.

I’ve used the two photos on this layout in a previous project that was complete failure. Could I bring in the stark color palette into a second page without blinding the viewer or crowding the page with extraneous materials? A challenge!

Once I cut and layered the triangles, I realized they were blending in too much so I used my loose thread technique on the edges (please laugh at my calling that “my technique”- but really- it looks awesome.)

I then brought in the gold ribbon and some smaller triangles to add some variety to the page- this print is on the other side of the paper.

I finished the design and looked through my Scrap FX chippies for a title that fit the emotion in the photos.

(This is my usual workflow. I wish I was more of a planner but I tend to choose a photo, design with pre-cut shapes THEN add a title and embellishments at the very end so I can make things up as I go along- pages never end up like they started)

I ran into a spot of trouble in the photography stage of this page- direct light is terrible for wordletts- it’s much better to shoot in open shadow- this is why:

Direct light creates shadows which distract from the subject and wash colors out. Plus it highlights the “bald” areas in my finish. Yuck!

Bright indirect light is best. You can actually read the letters in the title and see some sparkle. One thing is lost, the black opal effect I gave the title using black paint as the base and Diamond Stickles as a finish- oh well.

I could have added all matter of pretty doodads to this page but that’s what I did last time and it was a mess due to the strong colors so I went a little minimal and I like the page much more.

I used the following Scrap FX products on this page:

Darts set Model number 2012268. I was a little worried on how I would use these since I don’t play darts when I realized- Hitting the mark- seize the day- doing fun things that feel awesome- the emotion in the photos- it totally works together!

Seize the day wordlett model number 2012123. This is one of my favorite sayings ever! Plus that scrolly “S” is awesome!!!

And finally an inspirational quote a friend sent my way the other day.

And there you are.

The more the project or idea fights you, the likelier you are onto something new and awesome. PURSUE!


2 Responses to “Loving the triangle trend!”

  1. There is always something I can learn from you, had no idea about this trend:), cute photos and great design!

  2. kim ewins says:

    Love it Michelle!!! Love the triangles… the big ones look very, awesome…love how you have left the threads. great pic’s & colours.FX chippies look so awesome.
    Thanks for the inspiration.