Making a new Kraft journal and creating on a tag!

by Claire Stead

I’m excited to be starting another Kraft journal using the Kraft junk journal kit from Scrap FX

Junk Journal Kit KRAFT

I spent a while working out how I wanted to assemble the journal and deciding how to put some of the pages in, in a different way.

First of all I added some White dots and Black dots collage paper and Label phrases collage paper to the journal cover

Black Dots collage White Dots collage Label Phrases collage

I used some Amsterdam acrylic paint in the colours Sky blue light, Greyish blue and `ultramarine violet light, I also used Fuchsia and Blackberry – I painted circles of different sizes all over the journal cover

Then I used the text stencil with some Amsterdam acrylic in Prussian blue phthalo to add

 some text onto the cover.

Text stencil

I also used the Number border stencil with some of the Greyish blue paint that was left over.

Number Border stencil, small

Using the Dream Big stencil I added some text and marks to the page along with a Corrugated women and co. figure and also some words from The Kraft Journey words set

Dream Big by Claire Stead  Corrugated Women & Co  Kraft Words JOURNEY

Click the image below to see the YouTube video

Onto the next project…

I created a tag using the transparency as a focal point.

First I used some Mineral paint on the tag- the tag did not have any gesso on it at all. I then used some Ancient gloss spray and wiped the spray off – which meant that it resisted where the obit was already on the tag!

Once this was dry, I then used the Round to square stencil with Sand paint (DWM) and also used the Basic masks B with some white paint – trying to keep the colours quite neutral.

  Round to Square stencil  Basic Masks B

Next, I added the transparency onto the tag

  Faces Collage transparency

Finally I used the Vision stencil with some Umber paint to add some words into the tag

  Vision stencil

Then, It was finished …. I put it into a pocket I had created in the new journal.

Click the image below to see the tutorial video on YouTube

I hope you’ve enjoyed these projects for Scrap FX

happy arting

see you all soon




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