Chipboard, crayons and water

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Today I thought I’d share with you another of my favourite techniques I use on chipboard. Scrap FX chipboard has amazing, intricate little details that you just don’t want to cover up with opaque colours and mediums such as heavy paints. But how do you use more than one colour on a piece of chipboard with lots of detail? Easy! With good quality crayons and an Aqua Wash pen.

I have a fabulous set of Lyra Aquarell watercolour crayons that I absolutely love using on chipboard. Sometimes though I find the colours can be a little harsh so I use my Aqua Wash pen (which is basically a paintbrush on a tube I can fill with water) so you could use a normal paintbrush and a little water in a bowl to achieve the same technique. I simply wash over the crayon coloured chipboard with the pen to create a lovely water coloured effect. Sometimes, if it’s a lighter coloured crayon, the water pen takes quite a bit of colour out. Not a problem…simply colour over it again with the crayon while the chipboard is still wet to build up to the colour you want. It’s a fabulous technique that also adds dimension to the colours you’re using as well.

Here I’ve used this technique on this adorable puppy. You can see on the darker brown I’ve used a heavier water wash to achieve a more dappled look for his fur:


Use a heavier water wash for a more dappled effect.

On this Wordlet that I’ve used to form part of my title I’ve used the same technique but this time I’ve gone over the chipboard a couple of times with the crayon for a more solid colour:

Go over chipboard with crayons a few times to achieve a more solid colour.

So here you have a great technique to play around with on your Scrap FX chipboard. A great way to add colour by building up layers to achieve the tone you want. Here is my finished page…a photo of my gorgeous daughter and her extremely spoilt dog, Teddy:

Cut Wordlets to create titles to suit your page.

On this card I’ve made I’ve used the same crayon and water technique but I’ve added some texture paste to the body of the cat to mimic fur for a little bit more dimension:

Add other mediums to add texture and dimension to your chipboard.

So you can play around with this crayon and water technique and add different mediums to achieve many different looks. Although this kitten has lots of detail there was still room to add the texture paste without compromising any of it.

Be sure to give this technique a go…it really is a lot of fun. Until next time….

Sharryn xx

2 Responses to “Chipboard, crayons and water”

  1. Such a sweet page and your little puppy is adorable!~

  2. Love the card. I have one of those pens! I’ll have to give this a go! I love the ripped text paper bits on the scrapbook page- great effect!