Junk Journalling

by Amy Turner

Hi Everyone, happy New Year! Here’s hoping for a better 2022 even though it isn’t off to the greatest start!
For today’s project I did a few spreads in my Scrap Fx junk journal:


I had fun just playing around. I used lots of great products:

Dream transparency    Leafy Seaweed stencil

Circular Shawl stencilPolygonic stencil

Rock StarBBQ Mesh

xxxx oooo stampCircles in Circles stencil


Wire CircleGears Double frame SMALL

as well as acrylic paint, Tombow adhesive, a word die cut, a date stamp, various stencils,
some Dina Wakley tissue, scrap paper, a piece of an airline boarding pass, a postcard,
paint markers, pencil, wash tape, some Tim Holtz stickers and metal stars, and my Dymo label maker.

The first page I did was a picture of my Mom, Dad and I the one time we’ve been able
to see each other in the past 2 years. Man I miss them but this picture makes me very happy!
My Dad hates getting his picture taken and isn’t usually smiling so this one is super great,
we all look so happy. Hit the road Omicron!!!

The next page is me! lol I don’t usually do layouts of just me but
I was feeling like a rock star in my new Prada sunglasses! lol I went to Los Angeles for the first
time and splurged. The page has a nice sunny, bright background that reminded me of California.
I could use some of that sunshine right now as we’re in the midst of winter and the coldest weather so far!

I love the next page because like my Dad my brother doesn’t usually smile in pictures. lol
I think because as soon as he does and the camera clicks he ends up with closed eyes. I took this
picture of him last year when I went for a horseback ride at the ranch he is helping out at. He
absolutely loves it and this is the greatest picture of him! I was up on the horse and I think
he was probably looking at me laughing thinking (like a typical brother) now how
ya gonna get down sucker, don’t think I’m helping you!!! lol

This pandemic has a lot of people stuck at home … and bored. lol My brother and my
youngest niece definitely were getting bored over the Christmas holidays and sent me these
funny pictures of them goofing around. Love them!

I didn’t take step by step pictures because well I suck at it but I was also just having too
much fun relaxing and playing around. I just messed about and added layers when I thought
something else was needed. Usually the best things happen when they aren’t planned
so I encourage you to just play around and not think too much about it!
Something I need to remind myself all the time!

Until next time stay safe everyone!

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