Fa La La La La

by Amy Turner

Hi everyone!

We’ve had snow here for the last couple days.
It’s making it feel very Christmas-ey and festive!
Typically I complain about the snow, I’m not a huge fan but the
first few snow falls are usually pretty so I’ve decided to embrace it … for now. lol
Today I’ve made 3 more Christmas cards and a couple gift tags.
I have two gorgeous nieces (if I do say so myself)
I made them gift tags with their lovely faces on them.

For these projects I used the following:

Corrugated Women & Co

Circular Shawl stencil

Segment Circles stencil

Christmas Stars

Button Leaves A LARGE

Button Leaves A SMALL

I also used acrylic paints, alcohol markers,  baby wipes, sparkle stickles, Stabillo Woody pencils,
pencil crayons, embossing folders, distress ink, paper artsy infusion stains, Christmas tape,
words stickers, some funky hat stamps, stencil butter, archival ink, mica flakes, large Ranger tags
and some sari ribbons.

For the cards I started by painting the leaves otherwise known as trees with green alcohol markers.
Then I went over them with some green stencil butter for a bit of a shiny affect.
I also painted the larger Christmas stars with gold acrylic paint.
I went over it with some yellow stencil butter.
I dabbed on some gel matte medium and sprinkled some mica flakes on the trees.
And then I went and added some dots of sparkle stickles.
I glued the star to the top of the trees. I then sprinkled some infusions stains
on a piece of white paper and sprayed with water. Once it was dry I put it
through my vagabond with 3 different Christmas embossing folders.

I went over them with red and vintage photo distress inks to pick up
the embossing. I cut them a bit smaller than my cards and taped them down.
Add the trees and some Christmas words and you’ve got festive card.

For the tags I started with 2 different silhouettes from the set of women. I coloured them
in with alcohol markers, pencil crayons and Stabilo woody pencils. I used my HP Sprocket
printer to print pictures of the girls on sticky back paper. I cut around them and then put them over
the heads on the silhouettes. I stamped a couple different funky hats with black archival ink and then
coloured them in and cut them out and glued them on their heads. I cut some sari ribbon and wrapped
around their necks for scarves. I used 2 of the largest Ranger white tags. I used acrylic paint through the
circular shawl stencil on the green background one. On the bottom where the paint was I used a baby wipe
with the segment circles stencil to give them that embedded look. For the red background tag I spread
acrylic paint in two colours and then used a baby wipe with the circular shawl pencil, on the bottom I used red
acrylic paint through the segment circles stencil. I glued the girls down, and added some Christmas tape and
words. And then I glued down 4 of the Christmas stars on each. I went over the stars with sparkle stickles.
I added a sparkly ribbon on top and they were ready to tie to gift bags.

Keep well and safe everyone!


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