Heart girl and Be humble by Claire

by Claire Stead

Hi all!

It’s Claire, with two more projects for Scrap FX- both of which I did in the junk journal Kraft kit from Scrap FX .

The first project is a page using the collage paper I designed for Scrap FX called Heart girl.

This is a fun, bright page using lots of colour and stencilling to create an interesting background.

I started off by adding lots of rainbow colour to the background- I used DWM paint in the colours Ruby, Tangerine, Lemon, Lime, Turquoise, magenta and Blackberry.

Then I added lots of layers of stencilling using the Stonework stencil, Nodules stencil and Number collage stencil

(Click the images below to head to Scrap FX page)

Stonework stencil    Numbers Collage stencil Nodules stencil

Next I used some stamps fro Scrap FX and added some more interest to the page. I used the Negative numbers stamp and the 9 Dot stamp too. (Click the images below to head to Scrap FX page)

Negative Numbers stamps 9 Dots stamp

Then I added the face image from the Heart girl collage paper and used Scribble sticks to add some colour to the face.

(Click the images below to head to Scrap FX page)

Heart Girl by Claire Stead

Click the image below to head to the YouTube channel to see the process video

and for the second project I created a page with a slightly different feel using the Corrugated men and Co set as a mask.

To begin with for this project I added lots of collage paper onto the background- I used the Newsprint, Monogram modern and Label phrases collage papers.

Newsprint collage paper  Monograms, Modern collage    Label Phrases collage

Then I used three colours together on a large brush and swiped them across the page. This is a fun way to add colour to your page quickly.

Then I added some stencilling to the page using these stencils- Stonework, Don’t waste time and Number collage stencil. I usually do my stencilling on a page like this using the same colours I’ve already used on the page .

Numbers Collage stencil  Stonework stencil Don't Waste Time phrase stencil

Then I added some splatters to the page using watered down white paint .

Next, using the Corrugated men and Co set- I used a chipboard shape as a mask and added two figures to the page and used the same figure as a focal point in the centre of the page too.

Corrugated Men & Co

I also added some stamping to the page using the Cursive writing stamp and Crosses and Strokes too.

Cursive Writing stamp Crosses & Strokes stamps

To finish off I added some mark making and journaling to the page.

Click the image below to head to the Youtube channel to see the process video.

See you all again in December!!! Eek! I’m really not sure where this year has gone.

Happy arting


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