A mixed media art journal page – Art Therapy

by Danielle Scholz

Hello Lovelies,

Danni here again with another Mixed media page in my Scrap FX junk journal for October. What an interesting week I have had since my last post, with so many ups and downs. Last Friday I ended up in the ED from would you believe it a cat bite (yes it was my cat !!!! ) so I leave the hospital the next afternoon with a crazy back slab cast from finger tips to elbow thinking how lucky I am that it’s only a half cast for the next week( a cat bite who knew they could be so serious?).

Then Tuesday we go back into full lockdown as there are now active covid cases in Latrobe Valley . So with very little warning we’re in lockdown again trying to run a florist and organise a florist to cover me at work. As I discover I am not a very good one handed florist, and then the rains come and start flooding our little country town again making it hard to deliver flowers around town.

So by the time the weekend came I was so ready for a little art therapy and a whole lot of fun and the new ScrapFX release products were just what the doctor ordered. I really enjoyed the challenges that the scrapFx junk journal produces with each turn of the page. You never really know what substrate you will be working on or what size your layout will be.

I had no real plan as to what I was making this week and just needed to get something made, and of course have some fun whilst doing it. So I just worked with my intuition to produce this lovely bird page in a warm colour palette. Working on a transparency and thin graph paper was a little challenging but in the end this project really was just what I needed to escape all the troubles of the past week for a short play and to get messy with all my art supplies

Here’s the finished pages


As always I was able to record my project /tutorial and it can be viewed on the ScrapFX  YouTube Chanel here:

Here are all the ScrapFx products used in this mixed media page :

So I hope you have enjoyed my post and tutorial and have found your own inspiration in these new products. Lets hope you all find some time in these crazy times to find some Art therapy.

Until next time stay safe, and don’t forget to make some time to get Arty.

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