More art journaling fun with Scrap FX goodies!!

by Claire Stead

Hi all!

I’m back with two more art journal pages to see out August!!

Here’s the first one……. sunglasses on……

In this first post I am channeling my love of rainbows- if you follow me on Instagram and YouTube you will know that I do love to use bright rainbow colours sometimes! It’s just got to be done!!

 I started off using some ScrapFX old script collage paper on the background and the stamped some Flower Power stamps onto the page too using Umber DWM. Sometimes it helps to get some marks made on the page and can feel less daunting.

Then it was tine to get out the rainbow colours and start painting. I also added on the paintbrush collage paper, making it look like the brushes had painted on the rainbow stripes.

Then using the Scrap FX Ladders stamp and Distress ink I stamped on the stripes using rainbow colours to add more interest to the page.

Using these Ecoline watercolour inks I added some drips to the page too!

Finally I added a phrase also from a Scrap FX collage paper.

To see the process video for the colourful art journal page click the image below go to the Scrap FX YouTube channel

Here are the links to the Scrap Fx goodies I used in this project

Old Script collage   Flower Power stamps  Paintbrushes collage   Ladder stamp

I hope you enjoyed this bright page……. here’s the next one!!!

This second art journal page has a very different feel to the first one!!! More subdued!

I started this page with a gessoed page and added the colours straight away! I used DWM paint int Fuchsia, Mineral and Carnation. The I used the Carpet rug stencil to add some detail to the background.

Then using the Birch Trees collage paper I added the trees to the page and extended them to the top copying the style they were drawn in.

I added the flowers to the bottom using the Rosy Posy silhouette- which I cut up and added around the bottom of the trees to add some more interest there too. I also added some splatters of DWM Tangelo and Rouge and words to finish the page.

Click the image below to see the process video for this page on the ScrapFX YouTube channel

Here are some links to the scrapFx goodies I used in this project

Birch Trees collage    Carpet Rug stencil     Daisy Posy

Thanks for watching, I hope you’ve enjoyed these two projects for the end of August!

I can hardly believe it’s September soon!!! Eeeek- where is it going?

See you soon


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