Frida paper dolls using Scrap FX products

by Danielle Scholz

Hello Lovelies,

Back again with my first post for August. So today I have an awesome tutorial on making Paper dolls. They have been an internet sensation since they were introduced by Megan Whisner- Quinlan during the 100 days of fodder.

I have been inspired to create my own version of paper dolls with a Frida twist. I sketched out a few Frida heads onto book paper and painted them up. I then rushed off to my local office works to photocopy the original artwork and I reduced the size of the pictures by 75% so they were the appropriate size for the paper dolls.

I also photocopied a few Frida images from some old calendar’s and art books. Anyone who knows me knows that I am little obsessed with Frida, so she seemed like the right muse for my paper dolls.

I used a lot of scrapFx rice papers to create collage master boards. Which were the base for the dolls. These were  a lot of fun to make and I have so much left over that I can see a few more dolls will need to be made.

I then used quite a few Scrap FX  stamps and embossing powders to create the embellishments for the dolls which became a really enjoyable process. Dressing them up brought back many childhood memories.

Here are the finished dolls



You can see the whole technique on the scrapFx You tube Chanel here:


Here are some of the awesome ScrapFX products used in this project

I hope you have enjoyed my New tutorial and give these great paper dolls ago. I am sure you will have just as much fun creating master boards with the ScrapFX rice and collage papers as I did and find plenty of reasons to use them in your art work later.

Until next time

Keep Arty

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  1. Deborah Robertson says:

    They are beautiful Dannii