Sweet Treats by Amy

by Amy Turner

Hellloooo everyone! My Dad will hate this because he hates having his picture taken but I just had to do something
with him when I got my cupcakes from Scrap FX.
My Dad LOVES baked goods, cakes, pies, cupcakes, cookies, you name it
and he is here for it! lol

I had made a picture of him licking his lips a few years ago to make a birthday card and
decided to use it again to make a fun canvas.

I was having so much fun playing in my art room I decided
to mess around in a junque journal with the new Daisy Dot.

I used the following Scrap FX products

Mechanical Bits

Headphones and Sound wave


Circular Shawl Stencil

Hibiscus A

Loopy Petals Stamp

Daisy Dot By Michelle Logan

Zinnia Stamp

Fern Leaf Stamp

For the canvas I started by putting a  layer of gesso down, and then some scraps of gel printed deli paper.
Then I  pretty much finger painted (cuz who doesn’t love finger painting?!)
some rainbow colours around the wood panel canvas. After that I used black acrylic with the circle stencil.

I used gel matte medium to stick my dad down in the centre. While that dried I painted up my
cupcakes and added some glitter to the tops of them.
I added some marks around the circle, and the word yummy and mmm on one of the rays. lol
I painted a piece of the cog and a bar and then I used a brad to connect them.
Then I glued the smallest cupcake to it.
I glued it down and then glued the big cupcake over top.
Now the little cupcake spins when you move it. I added the last cupcake as
well as the sound wave which sort of reminded me of a heartbeat.
I printed the words “Did someone say cupcake” and painted the edge
and now I have a fun canvas of my Dad. And I helped celebrate Pride month with a rainbow piece. 🙂

For the journal page I put some marks with a scribble stick and some acrylic paint. and then I just played around.
I stamped in the background so it’s hard to see the zinnia and loopy petal stamps. Also the fern leaf.
Then I put some more acrylic paint and marks around the page. I added a hibiscus shape that I had painted
as well as some words and I decided she was done.

Hope everyone is having a great summer so far! Stay safe!

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