“The Sea” mixed media art journal mini book by Heike

by Heike Bruhn

Hello everyone,

and welcome to my second blog post in the month of April for the company Scrap FX Australia.

I am Heike from Heike’s AugenBlick and I am your host for today.

Finally our lockdown here in The Netherlands which started on December 15th, 2020

will be lightened a little bit.

The children are now allowed to go to school twice a week.

We are allowed to do group sports outside.

We can have two people at the same time at home for a visit.

Unfortunately the numbers of infection are still extremely high and the hospitals are also very busy.

But our politicians hope that the people will still follow the Covid-19 rules.

I have decided for myself that I will stick on the stay at home rule and I hope that

it is possible that I will also get my Covid-19 vaccination quickly.

But anyway……..

I created for you as inspiration another one sheet paper mixed media art journal mini book.

But the size is a little bit different. The pages are long and small.

The theme from my book is “The Sea”

This is my first page:

I used the seaweed stamp with black embossing powder and I painted the seaweed paddels
with red, white and yellow acrylic color.
Some transparency and collage paper from Scrap Fx for my embellishments.
On the next page:
Die Erde (= the earth),  as collage paper, transparency and a beautiful silhouette from ScrapFx.
The next page:
Also a piece of the earth collage paper and my embossed 9dots embellishments.
And again the beautiful seaweed stamp.
On the backsite I used a different color combination more light rose and yellow.
I used from Scrap Fx:

Fern Leaf stamp

Flower Power stamps

Seaweed stamp

9 Dots stamp

Hypnotic Circles stamp

Ancient Map B collage papier

Art Inspiration rice paper

Face Features rice paper

Faces Collage transparency

Label Maker Positive transparency

Antiquities transparency

Compass BLACK silhouette

Sailing Bottle BLACK silhouette

Kraft Paper Phares
Thank you so much for your visit today.
Stay safe.


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