Art journal mini book and a card by Heike`s AugenBlick

by Heike Bruhn

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all good and your day is wonderful.

I am Heike from Heike`s AugenBlick and I am your host for today.

The Spring is coming here in The Netherlands and I am so happy.

What started with a typical April weather so far is: rainfall, snow, sun and frost,

ends after a week of Easter in lovely sunny weather.

I cannot wait to work in my garden.

As all hobby gardeners I have some new plans for my garden.

I have already planted three new trees, a plum tree, a cowardly tree and

a pear tree. Unfortunately, our 1930 land wall is no longer stable enough, the wall threatens to fall.

Unfortunately, the construction workers did not have time to rebuild the wall until October.

Now I have a part of my garden that doesn’t look so good, but I don’t think that’s so horrible

I get a beautiful wall in October, walled up with the original stones from 1930.

But anyway.

I have two beautiful design team member projects for you, with the amazing products of ScrapFx.

At the moment I really love to create art journal mini books from one sheet of paper.

My paper is an acrylic colour paper in the size 46cm by 66cm. Quite a large sheet of paper and

I have a lot of this kind of papers in my stash.

With this large piece of papers I have lots of possibilities to make mini books and other projects.

 I am actually a scrapbooker, but I also love to create art journal pages.

Art journaling for me is free…. without rules, experimenting without that fear,

playing with colour and mediums, the use of products in a different way

and playing with different styles.

In contrast to my mixed media scrapbook layouts which have 3D effects,

I like it when my art journal pages are flat.

My art journal pages do not arise as quickly as my scrapbook layout pages.

I always say; art journaling for me is a never ending story.

I always like to return to my pages for mark-making and scribbling.

That means that it can be that these art journal pages can look different next week already.

LIFE IS SHORT…. is the title of my mini book.

On the first page is also a black and white photo of an abstract face painting which

I painted many years ago. The original painting is 34cm by 56cm.

My fabric ribbon is from an old tablecloth from my grandmother.

I added stamp images to my fabric ribbon with the new Scrap FX seaweed stamp.

On the next page one of the scribble faces of ScrapFx.

Behind the face is a text from the dream stencil of ScrapF.
And again one half of the scribble face, diamond stencil, round stamp
Lots of cross- stitching, maschine-stitching and markmaking.
On my art journal pages I love to work with waterproof colours.
Acrylic colours, acrylic-inks, acrylic-pens, mostly from the brand Old Holland ,
or Amsterdam, Schmincke liquid ink, Posca acrylic pens and Deco Art acrylic colours
For stamping I prefer Archival Ink.
Funky peeps designed from Michelle Logan for ScrapFx below on my page.
For my finishing touches I really love to add transparency to my art journal pages.
On the photo below you can see how I start..
And here is another tip for you.
I like to create my own embellishments.
The 9dots stamp from Scrap FX is perfect for creating embossed circle.

Here is my second project with the Scrap FX seaweed stamp.

A quick and easy card. My base is a Kraft paper card, I added some paper from 13@rts

a little bit black gesso and the embossed and watercolour painted seaweed stamp image.

Summer Love.

I used from Scrap Fx:


9 Dots stamp

Fern Leaf stamp

Flower Power stamps

Gear Stamps

Hypnotic Circles stamp

Number set stamps

Seaweed stamp


Kites stencil


Mandala transparency

Faces Collage transparency


Scribble Faces B collage

Black Box Phrases

 I used the kraft paper Phrases

9dots stamp

seaweed stamp

Scribble faces A and B

So my dear blog reader, this was my first blog post for the company Scrap Fx in the month of april.
I hope you feel a little bit inspired to create with the amazing products of Scrap Fx.
I see you on 29.04.2021 for my second blog post in the month of April.
Until then..
Happy creating


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