Lets Play Ball – Shall We?

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Hi Everyone!  Scarlett with you today and I’ve been working madly on the go from here, there, and everywhere creating a mini album.  Its not often I create minis but I must admit the last two I’ve made involved a ton of ScrapFX chippies and I think I’ve found a new delight in them because of this!!  To see my first mini you can go here, to my personal blog, for now lets get on with the new one shall we?

The theme for this month was travel and well – I don’t do much of that on a grand fashion – running a family kennel business doesn’t allow for much time away. I do however spend much time traveling to take my daughter to her softball games and tournaments – every weekend we’d head at least an hour and half away.

When I started creating this album I wanted it to really be jam packed with ScrapFX goodies and it all started with some packaging – yes packaging!!  Have you received a fantabulous envelope filled to the brim with ScrapFX products?  Notice that terrific piece of blank chipboard tucked in to keep all things safe?  Oh yeah – I cut that baby down to 4×4 pieces and a sturdy base was born!  I used a portion of the Softball (2007239) wordlet for my album title and embossed it with neon yellow powder – or in our world softball yellow – and splattered some paint.  The cloud was created by using the Clouds and Raindrops (2012169) Stencil to make a hand carved stamp!!  Eek!  Thanks so much to my fellow DT members Michelle and Kristine for the inspiration to get my supplies out and do this again.

A cute team shot in an open field is accompanied by some travel elements symbolizing the many hours of drive time, hotel stays, etc. put in. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I’d be one of ‘those’ moms, LOL, all for the love of your kidlets, right?

There’s one of those cloud stamped images again – I must say I love making stamps and if you haven’t tried it you should – this also gives you an even better reason to pick up some of the stencils you’ve been peeping out!!  I don’t know about you but I am ever getting stumped on designs for stamps I want – using the ScrapFX stencils for a pattern is tremendously helpful and gives me some additional options with patterns I love! This spread also features a tag from the Journal Notes White set (2012191W), a suitcase from the Luggage Set (2010191), and a cutie lil’ bird from the Bird Family, mini set (20120032).

I’ve been coveting this Smile Its Your Day wordlet since I received it – these pages highlighting a photo from a tournament game my daughter was awarded MVP in was the perfect project.

Another tag from the Journal Notes – totally still crushing on these – perfect for so many projects!  For this album I cut most pieces down and used the scrappy leftovers in other spots.  A Funky Flower Button (2006192) coated with paint and tied with twine to top a small doily is a way I can get down with flowers. Trying not to take much away from the wordlet – I used acrylic paint with some pouring medium over the Smile (2012122) – I wish you could see the beautiful pattern this created – so many pearly swirls.

Taking time out for a little bit of fun is always a good thing – loved being around to capture this photo of the girls making a pyramid!

My daughter (12.5 – yes the .5 is important) got in on the stamp carving action and was inspired by the Softball (2007239) wordlet to create a softball word stamp she could have – why did I not think to get her a Softball wordlet to play with??!  When we tried out the impression, the above is what we got – not to be a boasting mama or nothing (okay I am)  but I think she did a great job – words are seriously tough to carve.  The Whimsy Tree B (2009111) was a lot of fun to decorate with rhinestones, paint, and puffy paint.  I thought about painting and adding texture to the trunk – going naked is a good thing sometimes.

I found it mind-blowing how fast some of these 11/12/13 year old girls could pitch – so did my girl. She hung in there though and by the end of the season had no worries or fear.

I had a bit of the sun left from the Travel Embellishment Pack (2010190) lying on my table from a previous project – it was already all decked out and matched – love when that happens!  I need to get another pack of these just for the sun…as well as another Photography Pack (2012109) for the cameras.  You can’t even imagine how thrilled I was when I put the little close up behind it to peek through.  A Retro Flower (2010275) and some Itty Bitty Bets (2005102) – Serif to finish things off here.

My wonderful hubbie works a lot – like 6-7 days a week a lot – and was always a bit bummed about not being able to see our DD play more. It was a treat to have him take off early to come to the parent vs. kid game to end the season.

I wanted to try something new with one of the Bird Family, mini (2010032) members and decked this one out with some tissue paper plus a googly eye – of course – and another Mini Retro Flower (2010275) acting as a sun.  My new favorite stamp makes an appearance on this spread too – I can’t wait to create a few more with different patterns – really cool way to customize a design not my own.

Still with me??!  Heading in to the home stretch I promise…

Little recap here of DDs positions – love how each of the journal nites has just the right header for documenting all aspects of life.

I created a bitty chevron stamp for this page using the Chevron Stencil (2012152) as a pattern.  I really wanted something to point to my daughter and this worked out wonderfully! The tree – cut from the Streetscape – trees (2009268) piece, is done up with some colored white opaque flakes and paint. The mitt from the Baseball Set (2010236) needed no altering – looks fab as is with a few splatters – love how big and detailed it is.

Some girls will be moving on to the next age level for the coming season – there was a lot of love and good times shared with this team over the past two years.

These hearts from the Patchwork Heart Set (2012039) came in my first DT package – I thought for sure the perfect patriotic page would come about – well this is as close as it gets for now – basesoftball is America’s past time. ;0)  Gesso, confetti hearts, and mist cover the heart on the left – paint, gesso, and mist on the right.

A fun photo shoot to get some team shots before an ice cream sundae party ended the season for the girls This is my favorite shot – the girls posing it up as some tough divas with ‘tude. LOL!

The other half of the Softball wordlet used on the cover – when the book is displayed certain ways it’ll read softball together with the binding in between – kind of a cool two-fer don’tcha think?!

Thank you, thank you if you’ve made it this far!!  If you have any questions on how I did something leave me a comment and I’ll get back at you or better yet – create a tutorial on it.

Take good care!! 😀

6 Responses to “Lets Play Ball – Shall We?”

  1. wow! This is incredible! Every page is a work of art. I absolutely love your heart tree, and that softball wordlet is the cutest!

  2. Joan Borgelt says:

    Scarlett, This is just FABULOUS! … and what a FUn MINI with so much eye candy I didn’t know where to look first!

  3. It’s indeed FABULOUS & STUNNING! The whole mini looks great!

  4. Just amazing, Scarlett! What a wonderful keepsake for your DD!

  5. Cheryl Leuschen says:

    What a fabulous mini, great ideas and stunning art!

  6. So much to admire about this Mini!!!!