How to Scrap FX transparencies and collage rice papers by Niamh

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Hi Everyone,

Have you ever thought ‘I like the transparencies, but I have no idea how to use them?’ – well this blog post is for you!

I was exactly the same, but I found a little trick that helps me make them more user friendly.

Matt gel medium!

Its my best friend and I use it on everything – including the acetates.

Basically – spread a thin layer of matt gel medium over any collage rice paper design. You don’t need to worry about the colour running as it is permanent and does not budge. Then lay your transparency over the top and press the two pieces together firmly. I use my hands – but you could use a brayer or a key card if needed. The transparency will look white and cloudy – that’s okay. It will dry clear – I promise. Especially if you leave it over night. I find it easier to cut my transparencies after I have done this as my rice paper on the bottom surface grips to the surface of my cutters.

Here are two examples of using this technique making a quick set of cards and altering the wonderful new alphabets as well. Below is a full process video showing you the entire technique in detail.


Here are the products I used in the post:






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  1. Chelle Beeby says:

    tfs Just brilliant, now I need to grab some of these to play with..