Hooked on Art Journaling

by admin

Hey ScrapFX Peeps! Scarlett with you today to share some recent art journal pages featuring a combination of new release items and some older goodies as well.

Let me tell you, my heart got tiny flutters when I saw this month’s release. As a former little people teacher, letters and numbers are my thing! This page began by having a play with the Script Phrase Stencil.

 One of the reasons I enjoy art journaling is freedom for experimentation. There is nothing worse than trying to complete a project only to have a technique not go as planned. My art journal doesn’t care what ‘finished’ looks like.

This page began with a layer of heavy gesso and light modeling paste. I wanted to see how the stencil worked pressed in each medium and what better way to see than try both at the same time? My results? I found I enjoyed the light modeling paste look for now; the impression is more notable.

The Script Phrase Stencil begins like this: “Don’t waste one more minute comparing yourself…”. Awesome advice, right? You can see the whole phrase here. This is another reason art journaling is my jam – words, thoughts, quotes – all stored in beautiful ways. My brain is not so reliable these days. 😉

Now that I’ve moved from the teaching part of my life to the farming part, I find myself dreaming – a lot. I was pleasantly surprised after embossing the Loopy Script Stamp on to my page to see the words “if you dream” pop out at me.

Here you can see another portion of the stamp and how well it contributes to the texture of the background.

 This page began with the thought written on it. These words have been resonating in my head for a couple weeks now. It was time to get them on paper.

I embossed the background, using the Checkerplate Stamp and the Fish Scales Stamp, over some random paint swipes of previous projects and continued building up from there.

Thanks for joining me, be back soon!

Products Used

Script Phrase Stencil

Number Crunch

Fancy Feather Silhouettes Small

Loopy Script Stamp

Apartments Stamp

Checkerplate Stamp

Fish Scales Stamp

Grunge Shape Set

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