Art Journal Magic!

by admin

Hi, Misty here to share some art journal spreads using the new travel products.

Both spreads feature the Travel Stencil in 2 different ways.

This particular spread, I used some of the words within the stencil as part of my title by using tinted modeling paste….



I created the background with the ripples stencil and mists.



The “and” and “the” are actually parts I cut from other wordlets.

That is just one of the many reasons I love the Scrap Fx words so much…you can use them and piece them out to use for any project.



As you can see here, I also used the dots stamp to distress the background…




Next is a brighter spread.  This time I used the travel stencil to create some fun and interesting background texture.




Because the words on the stencil make a perfect square and I wanted an imperfect look, I overlapped the stencil so that it created a continuous pattern, but I while doing that I did leave random spots without any paste (hopefully that makes sense?).



Once again I took the “believe” wordlet and pieced it out to get the look I wanted.






That is all I have for today!

Thank you so much for stopping by.

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3 Responses to “Art Journal Magic!”

  1. Awesome pages!!!!

  2. Cindy Porter says:

    fantastic Misty

  3. wow. totally stunning misty!!! so gorgeous