Gelatos, Stamps & Stencils a Perfect Match!

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Hello Blogger friends, Maria here today.

This month we had the pleasure to play with the awesome Number Stencils!

There are so many ways to be creative with it!

I thought  I would try Gelatos with the stencils and structure paste!

It´s a very easy going!

I´ve selected some of my fav colors and colored my white card stock with them.

Maria_Schmidt_Groß_ScrapFX_März14_120142014 Maria_Schmidt_Groß_ScrapFX_März14_220142014

Then I took off the stencil and sprayed water on it.

Maria_Schmidt_Groß_ScrapFX_März14_320142014 Maria_Schmidt_Groß_ScrapFX_März14_420142014

Can you see the great effect? After drying I put the stencil back on again and applied structure paste.

And the result?

I had a great background with a 2D looking, for my card!

I only take some papers, fabric,


bling, string, sticker



and the butterflys. The butterflys I had painted with gesso.

I used:

Numbers Collage Stencil 2014020

Butterly Border 2008156

The wordlet was just perfect for this photo! My husband and I celebrate from time to time, a little bit wellness.

On this photo we had pampered our skin with a chocolate facial mask. Of course we had to take a photo of  it.

I really love numbers!

In any kind!

 Stencils, stamps or on paper.

On this LO I  drew the stencil on my LO with a black fineliner pencil.




I used:

Number Border Stensil, small 2014019

Wild & Wacky 2014029

Thanks everyone!




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  1. Loved what you did with the Gelatos Maria! Off to give it a try myself!!