Christmas Off the Page Reindeers with Karen Y

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Hey Everyone!!  Can you believe it is almost Christmas, where has the year gone?

I dunno its just flown by!

To help me get into the Christmas Spirit one of my favourite things to do is make Christmas decorations.

I saw this idea with Natalie May, and I just had to make some for myself!!

They are just beyond cute.

I have used the Scrap FX reindeer, small and Medium along with my very own designed rice papers.

I also added in a cute heart. There really is so many ways you can decorate these, if only I had more!!

I also have made a video for you to watch so you can see what I did wrong LOL so you dont do it!! Not that it was wrong, just more time consuming…. anyway I came up with a better idea and it made the process much quicker.  You’ll see when you watch.  All you need to do is click on the pic below to whiz off to the scrap fx Youtube channel…

So here is the list of the super cool products I used to create my reindeer:

Wings by Ros Aggett-Madley

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Hi, today I’m sharing from my little journal.

Firstly the background was painted black over top of the Botanical Stencil.

Once dry I painted over the top of the stencil lines with some poscas.

Not a huge fan of it, the paper in my journal is super rough and the pens just wouldn’t flow.

It’s about the process though, and super grateful to find a little time to create ♥

I just a little Rosey paint then with the Brick Stencil.  This has added a bit of shimmer to the page.

The quote on the page is from the Birds & Words Transparency and the back has a light coat of white paint.

The butterfly is cut from the Favourite Flutterbys Transparency, painted with gold on the back.  Only one wing has been glued down to add a little dimension.

Botanical stencil   Brick Stencil

Birds & Words Transparency    Favourite Flutterbys transparency

Hope you’ve been inspired ♥

Fa La La La La

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Hi everyone!

We’ve had snow here for the last couple days.
It’s making it feel very Christmas-ey and festive!
Typically I complain about the snow, I’m not a huge fan but the
first few snow falls are usually pretty so I’ve decided to embrace it … for now. lol
Today I’ve made 3 more Christmas cards and a couple gift tags.
I have two gorgeous nieces (if I do say so myself)
I made them gift tags with their lovely faces on them.

For these projects I used the following:

Corrugated Women & Co

Circular Shawl stencil

Segment Circles stencil

Christmas Stars

Button Leaves A LARGE

Button Leaves A SMALL

I also used acrylic paints, alcohol markers,  baby wipes, sparkle stickles, Stabillo Woody pencils,
pencil crayons, embossing folders, distress ink, paper artsy infusion stains, Christmas tape,
words stickers, some funky hat stamps, stencil butter, archival ink, mica flakes, large Ranger tags
and some sari ribbons.

For the cards I started by painting the leaves otherwise known as trees with green alcohol markers.
Then I went over them with some green stencil butter for a bit of a shiny affect.
I also painted the larger Christmas stars with gold acrylic paint.
I went over it with some yellow stencil butter.
I dabbed on some gel matte medium and sprinkled some mica flakes on the trees.
And then I went and added some dots of sparkle stickles.
I glued the star to the top of the trees. I then sprinkled some infusions stains
on a piece of white paper and sprayed with water. Once it was dry I put it
through my vagabond with 3 different Christmas embossing folders.

I went over them with red and vintage photo distress inks to pick up
the embossing. I cut them a bit smaller than my cards and taped them down.
Add the trees and some Christmas words and you’ve got festive card.

For the tags I started with 2 different silhouettes from the set of women. I coloured them
in with alcohol markers, pencil crayons and Stabilo woody pencils. I used my HP Sprocket
printer to print pictures of the girls on sticky back paper. I cut around them and then put them over
the heads on the silhouettes. I stamped a couple different funky hats with black archival ink and then
coloured them in and cut them out and glued them on their heads. I cut some sari ribbon and wrapped
around their necks for scarves. I used 2 of the largest Ranger white tags. I used acrylic paint through the
circular shawl stencil on the green background one. On the bottom where the paint was I used a baby wipe
with the segment circles stencil to give them that embedded look. For the red background tag I spread
acrylic paint in two colours and then used a baby wipe with the circular shawl pencil, on the bottom I used red
acrylic paint through the segment circles stencil. I glued the girls down, and added some Christmas tape and
words. And then I glued down 4 of the Christmas stars on each. I went over the stars with sparkle stickles.
I added a sparkly ribbon on top and they were ready to tie to gift bags.

Keep well and safe everyone!


Feet to Fly – KarenJ

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Hi Scrap FX Fan,

KarenJ with you today with a journal page using the gorgeous Patchwork Birds and lots of other goodies!

Frond Stamp – this stamp is such a staple in my stash, it is great for adding interest as part of layering or it can take a starring role in any layout.

Flower Scene Collage Paper – I love being able to create layers on the page and collage paper is perfect!

Paradise Collage – a gorgeous layering piece!

 Cross and Strokes Stamp  and In and Out Circles Stamp– awesome mark making stamps!

Zinnia Stamp – another stamp for layering!

Frida Kahlo Quotes – I love the phrase I chose for this one!

The steps to create –

1 Add white gesso to the page, I did this randomly around the page and didn’t cover the whole page

2 – Rip and tear the Paradise Collage and focused on the birds and butterfly components and glued these to the page

3 – Stamped with the Frond Stamp around the page and focussed on the bottom right and top left of the page

4 – Finger painting time! I added lost of layers of paint in blue, bright yellow and maroon around the page

5 – Ripped the Flower Scene Collage paper and added half of one of the circles at the top and bottom of the page

6-  Back to finger painting, this time I used metallic silver paint and it gave the impression of muting the page which is exactly what I was going for.

7- Added splatters all over the page

8 – Fussy cut the bird from the Patchwork Birds sheet and the quote from the Frida Kahlo sheet. I inked the edges of the quotes as well to give a little contrast and lift of the page

9 – Final flourish of more splatters

I love all the layers in this!

The perfect quote to finish! I love how this turned out!


Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a wonderful creative week!

Art journal page and mixed media tag by Lisa

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Hi friends!

Lisa today for my last time in this fabulous design team. Thanks to everyone for these years together, for the support and the trust in me.

I had a lot of fun creating for you. So this is my first journal project today:

To start my page I brushed a coat of white gesso and I let it dry very well. So I took some pieces of Scrap Fx collage paper and I glued down with gel medium, then I used some acrylic paint for the background.

I took another Scrap Fx collage paper and I cutted a Funky girl design to glue into my page with some branches.

I added some words and I made splatters with black liquid paint.

This is another project for you, a big mixed media tag that I created with acrylic paints, stamps and collage papers!

For my projects I used these products from the store:

I hope you enjoyed my project inspiration and keep being creative, always.

Hugs, Lisa



Art Journal, by Chantale

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Hello everyone,

Today I present to you a simple art page, but filled with small details.

As you might know me, I love to start my creations with sprays.

Have you ever tried gloss spray? If the answer is no, quickly run and buy some, they are magnificent.

I glued 2 pretty female figures, made some stamps and added lots of small details using a pencil and the creation was finished.

For this creation, I used:

Dream Ladies

Have a nice day!

Heart girl and Be humble by Claire

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Hi all!

It’s Claire, with two more projects for Scrap FX- both of which I did in the junk journal Kraft kit from Scrap FX .

The first project is a page using the collage paper I designed for Scrap FX called Heart girl.

This is a fun, bright page using lots of colour and stencilling to create an interesting background.

I started off by adding lots of rainbow colour to the background- I used DWM paint in the colours Ruby, Tangerine, Lemon, Lime, Turquoise, magenta and Blackberry.

Then I added lots of layers of stencilling using the Stonework stencil, Nodules stencil and Number collage stencil

(Click the images below to head to Scrap FX page)

Stonework stencil    Numbers Collage stencil Nodules stencil

Next I used some stamps fro Scrap FX and added some more interest to the page. I used the Negative numbers stamp and the 9 Dot stamp too. (Click the images below to head to Scrap FX page)

Negative Numbers stamps 9 Dots stamp

Then I added the face image from the Heart girl collage paper and used Scribble sticks to add some colour to the face.

(Click the images below to head to Scrap FX page)

Heart Girl by Claire Stead

Click the image below to head to the YouTube channel to see the process video

and for the second project I created a page with a slightly different feel using the Corrugated men and Co set as a mask.

To begin with for this project I added lots of collage paper onto the background- I used the Newsprint, Monogram modern and Label phrases collage papers.

Newsprint collage paper  Monograms, Modern collage    Label Phrases collage

Then I used three colours together on a large brush and swiped them across the page. This is a fun way to add colour to your page quickly.

Then I added some stencilling to the page using these stencils- Stonework, Don’t waste time and Number collage stencil. I usually do my stencilling on a page like this using the same colours I’ve already used on the page .

Numbers Collage stencil  Stonework stencil Don't Waste Time phrase stencil

Then I added some splatters to the page using watered down white paint .

Next, using the Corrugated men and Co set- I used a chipboard shape as a mask and added two figures to the page and used the same figure as a focal point in the centre of the page too.

Corrugated Men & Co

I also added some stamping to the page using the Cursive writing stamp and Crosses and Strokes too.

Cursive Writing stamp Crosses & Strokes stamps

To finish off I added some mark making and journaling to the page.

Click the image below to head to the Youtube channel to see the process video.

See you all again in December!!! Eek! I’m really not sure where this year has gone.

Happy arting


Frida Art Hanging- Chrissi M

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Hello Lovelies

Today I wanted to make something a little different.

I loved the Frida paper dolls and wanted to use these to feature on a project.

I didn’t want to just add them to my art journal, I decided to make an art piece to display in my studio.

I chose my colours from my chosen Frida, and started by adding a watercolour background as a base. Then using contrasting colours, I added some of my favourite Scrap FX stamps and stencils.

To finish off my piece, I used the dream quote stencil, and added some text to my project. I love to add lots of paint and lots of grunge to my art projects. Im looking forward to hanging this in my art room.

If you want to see this come together, head over to the Scrap FX YouTube channel.

Products Used

Frida Dolls

Circular Shawl Stencil

In and Out Circle Stamps

The Beauty of Life- Art journal Page by Tanya Froud, plus a Tag…

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Hi guys Tanya here… I can’t believe we are nearing the end of the month already!

It’s gone by so quick….

First  up I have an art journal page featuring the super cool Sweet as Candy collage paper designed by Tracey Scott.

In the background I created layers with collage paper and stencils with lots of acrylic paint. Once I was happy with it I then added the top layer, the sugar skull girl coloured with Scribble Sticks… I adore her.. sugar skulls and day of the dead “Los De Muretos”  holds a fascination to me, I think it’s all the beautiful colours and stunning face painting, celebrating the lives of lost loved ones… there is a certain beauty to it….

The products used are…..
Sweet like Candy

Leafy Seaweed Stencil

Classifieds Collage Paper

I also created a little tag using up some bits and pieces on my desk….

Thanks for popping in to see what I have created!



Creating a ScrapFX Kraft junk journal with a Frida doll cover by Danni.

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Hello Lovies,

Dannii here again with a quick assemblage on the front cover of the limited edition Kraft junk journal. Designed by ScrapFX  these Junk journals are just awesome! Filled with different weights texture and designs of kraft papers, card stocks, envelopes and bags it even has a large butterfly cut out in the centre of the journal. The cover is a soft corrugated Kraft card which really sets the theme of the journal. I can’t wait to start filling it up.

The ScrapFX junk journal kits are designed to make it easy to pop together your own journal in a matter of minutes. The journals are all prepared with a signature of different papers and cards. An instruction sheet and thread to bind your journal together.
So I followed the instructions in the kit and gave my front cover a couple of coats of clear gesso and once dried I assembled the journal and bound it together.

Then it was just a matter of adding my own flair to the front cover using ScrapFX chipboard, collage papers and of course my favourite botanical stamp frond. Here’s what I came up with

I have created a YouTube tutorial of the process of making the junk journal and decorating the cover which can be watched here:

Here are the Scrapfx supplies used to create this project


I hope you enjoy the process and have a go at making g your own Junk journals using the ScrapFx junk journal kits. There are a few fabulous designs to choose from and wouldn’t  these junk journals with a decorated cover make great gifts just I. time for Christmas?

Until next time

stay safe and find some time to be arty.