MISTAKES! How I hate them! A Scrap FX Scrapbook project- deconstructed.

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Hello there! Michelle with another rambling Scrap FX post. This time it’s all about errors. We all make them. I’m known to repeat mine. The question is, how do you move past the self kicking stage ? There are many answers. Meditation and yoga, tantrum throwing, swigging of alcoholic drinks and perhaps- perfecting your craft so that […]

Happy holidays with Scrap FX

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Hello! Michelle here with 2 holiday themed scrapbook pages. Scrap FX has the coolest Christmas chipboard designs. For me it’s more about editing down what I want on the page. I have proudly displayed some truly confusing Christmas themed monstrosities in my three years scrapping. But not THIS year! This year it’s going to be […]

A challenge of time- 30 minute page

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Hello from soggy but still standing Brooklyn, NY Scrap FX readers! I want to say something deep and insightful about Hurricane Sandy but frankly nothing will do justice to the people who lost loved ones or who’s homes were destroyed. I spent the 2 days scrapping to distract myself from the howling wind and rattling […]

Loving the triangle trend!

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I suppose it was only a matter of time before triangles would become a trend again. Without them, chevrons would be boring straight lines and stars just regular circles. I like using basic shapes on my layouts because they free me to think about pattern combos and journaling. I wanted to keep things ultra simple […]

Chevrons and stars and polaroid frame OH MY!

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Hi there! Michelle here. Today I want to share a page I’m especially proud of. Ever had one of those scrappy moments where you just can’t do any wrong? I think I had on this week. I made two cards and two pages on my day off and I love all four. Here’s the page: […]

Having fun with Scrap FX Lanky Alpha

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Hello there! Today I want to share two cards I made for World Card Making Day using my favorite Scrap FX product: Lanky Alphas! (Item number 2007012) I have a difficult time with alphabet sets. I find they are either too big and take over the page (especially if I use smaller photos); or too […]

ANOTHER glitter page. My excuse? Chipboard rocks it.

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Hello! Michelle here! I have ALL this glitter left over from my last couple of projects. What’s a girl to do? Normally the glitter pots would have gone back into the vault (a huge box under my desk where the occasional spider likes to hang out- it’s a DISCO spider). But I decided to I […]

All that Glitters… taking on the sparkly stuff challenge

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Hello happy people! Michelle here! Glitter- most folks hate it. But it’s so shinny and fun and pretty and happy place taking! Where does it go? EVERYWHERE! Under your feet. On your clothes. In your hair. To your living room (you met it on your desktop- three rooms away)! Don’t you just looooove a material […]

Staycations ROCK! Scrap Fx journaling notes and New York’s Bronx Zoo.

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Hello ! Michelle here. Today I have an unusually structured page and a story about our visit to The Bronx Zoo, NY, USA. We are skipping the annual family vacation this year but have decided to treat NYC like we are tourists. On the docket for the next week? Take an open top  tourist bus […]

Quick page- Mojo madness!

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Hello Michelle here! Isn’t it totally frustrating when you want to scrap but have zero ideas? I usually fight those moments of with some Pinterest surfing but that tends to make things worst because I see all these amazing pages other people are producing and can’t understand why mine keeps falling part. Well there’s one […]