Scrap FX ricepaper collage sheets come in an amazing assortment of designs, see them all here.

Sketchings No. 1 by Michelle Logan   Time collage paper   Writing collage paper  Women & Words  Creativity phrases

Pop Art Penelope    Dots & Lines collage paper  Architecture collage paper  Grunge Circles collage paper

They are beautifully translucent and make great additions to art journal pages making added layers of interest.  The best way to use them is to paste the back of the piece of ricepaper with matte gel medium, then place on the artwork and cover the top with gel medium.

A torn edge will be easier to blend into a background, than one cut with scissors making a sharp edge. See how the torn words in this page blend into the background?  Hardly any ghosting.  Another hint is to lightly feather paint around the edge to help cover any hard lines.

You can colour over the top of the ricepaper………give it your own style.  Embellish with paint pens or acrylic paint.

OR you can just use the ricepaper like any other paper.