Totally Smitten by Stamps by Scarlett

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Hi ScrapFX Peeps!  Scarlett with you today here to share some stamping play I’ve been up to.  The addition of foam stamps in some of my favorite designs has been an absolute delight.  No more hoarding those chippies because now stamping is a breeze.  Oh the possibilities, right?  I feel like I’ve only begun to scrape the surface with what I’ll share today so lets get to it.


This page started off as an experiment, pure playing around and getting my feet wet with the feather stamps on some text I had already laying around misted up.  My intention was to just go ahead and create an art journal page and use the smaller feathers as embellishments but as I got going I liked what was happening so I put forth a little more effort.  By mounting the page on a water colored background and adding borders using the Aztec Border Stencil (2013195) and the Sun Border Stencil (2013197) it took on a different, more complete feel – like a piece of art rather than just an art journal page.


To add texture and dimension to the page I use the Seed Stem Stamp, small (2013252) and stamped in a color very similar to the background colors.  In the above photo you can see the shadow type effect this brought to the page.


I also stamped shadow Seed Stem flowers on this portion of the page and using the same ink and some different misted text paper I stamped the Seed Stem Stamp, small (2013252) again. This time I cut them out to create an embellishment cluster for this portion of the page.  I highlighted them with some pigment powders I mixed into a thin paint and then used my white gel pen to further add detail.

The following items were used to complete this project:

Sun Border Stencil (2013197)

Aztec Border Stencil (2013195)

Whirlpools Stencil (2013180)

Freedom Saying Stencil (2013164)

Feather Stamps (2013249)

Ruffled Feather Stamp (2013250)

Seed Stem Stamp, small (2013252)

My play endeavors continued on with some Project Life cards.  Even though it has been a bit since there has been an update here with Project Life happenings I have indeed been plugging along with it.  The kraft inserts I was sent to work with from ScrapFX a while back proved to be the perfect little canvases for some more creative endeavors.


Now I will admit I have picked up some project life type cards since I’ve begun but I’ll share I don’t actually use them much for my PL album yet – ha!  I tend to use them more on card creations and hack them apart.  I still am very much drawn and set to my style of creating a mixed media album that is reflective of my life and my own art.  So the above little insert card is a perfect example of what I want more of in my album.  Not only did I have a blast creating this but I know I’ll be able to use this along side some flower pictures at some point – bonus!!


In this close up you can see all the various stamping and texture a tad better.  I created the background with some watercolors and mists first.  Then I stamped the Field of Flowers (2013258) with some brown ink over the top and began playing with some NeoColors II around that.  Next I embossed the Seed Stem Stamp, small (2013252) over the top and again added more color to make them pop a little.  Finally I added some highlights with my black pen, some glitter glue, the cute little chippie bird, and my text.

Products Used:

Field of Flowers Stamp (2013258)

Seed Stem Stamp, small (2013252)

Birdies (2012239)


This card was quick and easy.  The background was misted and stenciled with some colored paste.  I added some word stamping to the portion not covered with stenciling in a hue that is subtle.  Then I added a stamped text feather I had previously made along with some sequins and text and called it a done one.  The longest part of this process was the dry time – ugh!

Here is a closer look:


I’m so smitten with the feather stamps its a bit ridiculous.  I could stamp about a zillion of them and just doodle to my heart’s content.

Product Used on this Card:

Feather Stamps (2013249)


This last card is probably my favorite.  It uses the Feather Stamps (2013249) again and one of my favorite stencils too – Random Dots (2013172).  The combo of colors makes me happy, happy and of course anytime I can use some mini chipboard is a good day!


Here you can see all the textures and patterns a bit better.  I had a lot of fun playing with several techniques on this card and just letting what happened, happened.  Thankfully it all turned out well, but I will say I had to do a couple tests runs of embossing my feathers first on some scrap paper.  I shall share a tutorial soon, but lets just say I don’t own red embossing powder. 😉

Products Used on this Card:

Random Dots Stencil (2013172)

Feather Stamps (2013249)

Mini Feathered Wings (2013130)

For my final share today I have a LO where I created a little scene that gives you a peek in to what my world looks like.


We had a ton of rain throughout the month of June in our neck of the woods causing a lot of flooding.  My DD thought it would be a grand idea to go investigate the fields to see how bad it was.  When she wandered out to what she thought was a ‘safe’ area she found herself stuck in the mud – ha!  This is what she came back looking like.  Teehee.  What I adored so much when I saw the stamp release was how reminiscent these pieces are of the flowers we have around our house and fields.  I couldn’t help but create this matching scene to complete this page.  It truly looks like our home.


I stamped on several different surfaces and used a variety of mediums.  I’m diggin’ that these stamps are holding up to all my experiments thus far – big cheesy grins over here.  The chipboard Splats (2007017) were covered in pumice gel to give them a mud like texture and then painted over.  She truly was a beautiful mess.


Here you can see the stenciling I did with the Clouds and Raindrops Stencil (2012169) and then misted and used watercolors over it.  The effect is a bit subtler than I had planned but it works.  What I really wish you could see however in this picture is the effect on the Bullrushes Stamp (20132361).  I added a bit of flocking powder to the brown portions to give them that fuzzy feel/look they have and it turned out really neat, but taking pictures of it doesn’t work out so well.  You should however give this a go because I know you probably have some flocking powder hanging out in your stash like I do, admit it.

Products Used on this Page:

Bullrushes Stamp (20132361)

Seed Stem Stamp, small (2013252)

Field of Flowers Stamp (2013258)

Clouds and Raindrops Stencil (2012169)

Splats (2007017)

Rainy Days (2010151) – cut umbrella portion from wordlet

Beautiful, midi (2013206)

Phew!  Are you still with me? That was a whole lot of stamping and playing going on, but its hard to stop when you’re having a grand ol’ time.  So you need to get your hands on these stamps because I tell you what they are fantabulously fun to create with!!  Thanks for hanging in there with me and until next time take care!

5 Responses to “Totally Smitten by Stamps by Scarlett”

  1. Wow Scarlett!! You. Got. Bizee!! Lol. These are fantastic. I loooove the maya red stamping in the scrapbook page- that is gorgeous!! Love how you layered stenciling, color and stamping in your cards- those are so inspiring! Glad to see you kicking artsy butt again. 🙂

  2. TracyM #6773 says:

    GORGEOUS – each and every one is gorgeous Scarlett – LOVE the colours and awesome effects you have created!!!

  3. So much to see and take in in each of these pieces. It’s always such a delight to see what you create. I’m glad you are well enough to be creating again! I love your idea for project life. I was trying to play around a little with project life, and december daily, about 1/2 to 3/4 year ago and finding it took me away from where I wanted to be creatively, but by creating my own tags, it could work – you are brilliant!

  4. Wow so much eye candy in the one post love each and every one of these projects! Incredibly inspiring, looking forward to getting in my room and playing now, thanks so much for sharing!

  5. just fantastic Scarlett… awesome work… love those stamps…