Putting Your Stencils to Work – Group Post

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Hey ScrapFX Fans!  Its the weekend and I can’t think of a better way to start it off then with a whole lot of stencil mojo to help gear up for creative play!!  Yep, its group post time and this round is filled with unique ways from the DT to use all those fantabulous ScrapFX stencils.  By the end of this post you won’t be lacking for ideas to experiment on your own projects so lets dive on in.



Michelle says, “I wanted to keep things simple, it’s summer break here in the US and I am currently chasing four children around a house all day.  Its been fun but very different from my usual pace and schedule.  The page design is based on a classic big cluster versus small cluster layout design. I used the hexagon and crosses stencils- both are fantastic because they are smaller and have a blank area you can use to hold them.”


What I love about Michelle’s stencil use it that she went old school – you know – she used a pencil and actually took the time to outline the shapes and they really pop!  No fancy art supplies needed for this technique, no fear of making a mistake and having to worry about it ruining the whole page – just wonderful design elements added as a striking component to this page.  Simply gorgeous.

Products Used On Michelle’s Page:

Always, midi (2013205)

Cross Confetti Stencil (2013190)

Hexagonal Pattern Stencil (2013167)



Rachelle decided to go off the page for this project and created an amazing canvas creation.  Can you believe this is the first she has ever done?  Oh my word she has gone to town with the mediums, stencils, textures, and chippies and brought it all together with her country loving charm we’ve grown to adore here.  Did you notice the full stenciled band across the middle of the canvas??  She used a border stencil to create that by doing it both right side up and upside down – totally genius idea – love it!  On her stenciled sun she used lots of beads(micro/seed) to gain additional texture and it also added other colors – bonus!  Such a stunning project from top to bottom.

Products Used On Rachelle’s Canvas:

Sun Stencil (2013174)

Sun Border Stencil (2013197)

Spiral Stem (2011172)

Bird House (2011254)

Chicken Wire (2011186)

Sunkissed (2011008)

Flutterby D Dragon Fly Spiral (2007038)


Scrap FX 011

Adrienne is a master at creating pages that are truly beautiful messes.  She has perfected the art of randomly using stencils and mediums all over her backgrounds to create a magnificent, artsy, unpredictable look yet when she builds up on it, it all comes together delightfully and in this case preciously with a touch of elegance.  What she hopes to convey through sharing this page is be free – don’t worry about precise placement when playing with your stencils.  The technique is that of giving yourself the freedom to play and be messy – it’ll be okay. I can totally agree to that and you know what?  When its not okay you just hack up that paper and make it in to smaller bits of shapes and use it on cards, LOL!  It always looks good that way. 😉

Scrap FX 017

Here you can better see all the inky, sparkly texture achieved from Adrienne’s stenciling.  Notice how there is really no specific pattern to it and she wasn’t overly concerned if the dots came out perfectly.  Just lots of play to gain additional visual interest to her LO and to truly make it her own even though she is using patterned paper others have as well.  Her beautiful clusters and photo of her cutie top it all off spectacularly.

Products Used On Adrienne’s Page:

Flourish 3 Beads Large (2013202)

Flourish 1 Curl Large (2013200)

Precious, Mini (2013212)

Random Dots Stencil (2013172)



For my project I decided to go with an art journal page.  It started with some gelli plate fun and using my stencils and chippies on it for some impressions.  I was pleasantly surprised with this background print and ran with it.  The sun was an easy addition of some colored up paste and micro beads but the real fun came in when I decided to play with my beeswax.  Oh yes beeswax.  It was quite delightful to melt and put my stencils in though its hard to tell in the above shot.


Here you can see it before I inked and added additional color over it – pretty cool right?  Just a playful little experiment and it worked.  This is at the base of the journal page.


This is another showing you how the background has areas all throughout with waxy dots – very subtle, but very cool in person.  So I guess I would say to put your stencils to work in ways you’ve never tried before.  Perhaps it’ll work out, perhaps it won’t (like the few gelli prints I had before this one) but you’ll have fun in the process, create some scraps you can cut up for later use, and art is always good for the heart.

Products Used on Scarlett’s Art Journal Page:

Random Dots Stencil (2013172)

Hexagonal Pattern Stencil (2013167)

Sun Stencil (2013174)

Clouds & Raindrops Stencil (2012169)

Bloom & Grow (2013161)

Chicken Wire (2011186)

Flower Grass (2013007)

Before I close we have a super special bonus for this post!!  Misty has been so kind as to join on in the fun and created a video for you to enjoy and learn from.

We do hope you’ve been inspired to pick up your stencils and have some playtime this weekend.  Whether it be going old school, getting messy, experimenting, or following along with the video.  There is surely something here for everyone!!  Be sure to share your creative endeavors with us on our Facebook page and don’t forget the current recipe challenge!!  Perhaps your playtime will incorporate a entry for that.

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  1. Omg! You guys have blown me away with your creative ideas! These are all so beautiful and unique.

  2. Michelle Logan says:

    Absolutely fantabulous each and every piece of work in this post! Girls you hit this outa the ball park love them all to bits such a creative bunch! Thanks for the inspiration and Misty …… Rocking’ video girl!

  3. These look amazing girls…xx

  4. So love what everyone has done with the stencils!! Such a delight to work with all you talented ladies 😀