Sending Prayers and Love

by admin

Hi Everyone!  Scarlett with you today, hoping you all had a joyous Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year that is quickly coming.

As many of you know, the U.S. was rocked to the core in December and for many families this season of joy was very different.  In my former days I used to be a teacher and the tragedy that struck Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut really hit home with me.  In fact I taught the same age bracket of children and my heart still aches – though my days are much easier than those whose lost their little angels on that day.  To work through some of my feelings I thought I would put some of my ScrapFX products to work along with my creativity and let some art therapy take over.

On this page I utilized one of the new Aztec Maze Steampunk stencil (2012349) for the background. I grabbed my handy dandy palette knife and mondo tub of light molding paste and covered the entire thing well. I then immediately took the stencil to my sink and washed it clean. What I adore most about the ScrapFX stencils is even with the stickiest of goops – they come clean every time. I rarely have residue left over and if i do its typically because I left something on them for too long – just sayin’. 😉  Once my paste was dry completely I went to town spraying it up with some Color Shine mists and then I rubbed on some additional sparkle with glitter glue to highlight the circle.  This really popped out my focal area as well.

Long after all the media coverage is done – pretty much has died down already – these families will still feel the loss of their loved ones. For me personally, prayer is a way help from a far.  I don’t push my beliefs on others, this is purely my way of keeping hope and faith there is still goodness here on Earth and things we can do for each other even when we don’t know the people we’re doing it for.

Here I used one a feather from the Feathers (2012224) pack and painted with some gold paint. While it was still wet I sprinkled some fairy dust glitter over it sparsely to give it a bit of shimmer. Tucked amongst my cluster at the end of the feather is a steampunk heart with wings that comes with the Steampunk Woman (2012336). The wings were painted with a very fluid acrylic paint so the details weren’t lost and then I colored the heart with some Color Shine mist. This page is bright and cheerful because these children have gone to heaven – this I know – yet I needed to show my sorrow as well and the raindrops from the Rainy Day Pack (2010147) served well for this. These were sprayed heavily with some Dylusions mist in a box and picked up some additional gold Color Shine mist already on the paper in said box – bonus! Of course I had to use my favorite alphas ever – Itty Bitty Bets – this is the Groovy font (2005104). I’m really not sure what I’ll do when I don’t have these at my endless disposal any longer.

So as I was feeling better after this page, spending time with family at various Christmas celebrations, and so on I began to think of what more I could do to actually spread love to those families with aching hearts.  Then the thought of sending some cards struck me.  So again I headed to my creative space and got to work with my ScrapFX products and began crafting.

Lots of steampunk goodness on this card yet a whimsical feel – interesting, huh? I wasn’t sure I could pull it off!!! Elated to show that steampunk can be used with all sorts of styles so if you think its not for you…. I dare you to try!! 🙂

This card, along with a couple others, will be sent to the school sharing a few kind words of love, hope, and friendship from afar.

I really adore this Steampunk Butterfly (2012328) and do believe I will need another to add to my stash. This one was painted with a light coat of gesso, the a light yellow acrylic paint. I then dusted some Pan Pastels over it in random spots in a darker shade of yellow to provide a bit of depth then coated the entire thing with glitter glue using my finger – oh yes I use my fingers a lot!! To finish it off I added a few beads to the centers of the gears.

I think my favorite part of the steampunk release has to be these delightful Cogs, micro (2012335). I mean I am really smitten with them – they are just darling!!! I really adore how they turned out as flowers – don’t you?? Especially placed on the gorgeous Vine Leaf Corner (2011169). To create the look of the cog flowers I simply painted them up with some gesso, held them over ,y little trash bag and sprinkled them with glitter – easy peasy, right? Then I added some pearl centers and it was a done one. So simple, yet so striking when attached to the vine ann doily centers. On the vine leaf corner I used a paint marker and simply painted the leaves, used one of my black pens to highlight them a bit and attached it to my card with a bit of foam adhesive cut down. Like I said simple techniques – elegant outcomes. 🙂 The embossed background of the card was created with a Couture Creations folder sent to me courtesy of the CropStop store.  I lightly brushed some gesso over the top to make the pattern pop.

Thanks for joining me today!  I’ll be back again very soon with some more LOs to share showcasing some Steampunk goodies.  Until then take good care and Happy New Year!!

5 Responses to “Sending Prayers and Love”

  1. These projects are fantastic Scarlett!!!! Thank you so much for including some finishing tips along in your captions- I’ve often tried using paint on my chippies but I think I may be using paint that is too thick because I usually have to go over the details with a pin to bring out the lines again. I love how eclectic and thoughtful your work is.

  2. Fabulous projects, Scarlett! You creativity never ceases to amaze me. I love your attention to detail and the use of MM.

  3. Gorgeous work once again girl!

  4. Beautiful work, and such a great tribute!

  5. Awesome work Scarlett!!! I love all of your layers and textures 🙂