MISTAKES! How I hate them! A Scrap FX Scrapbook project- deconstructed.

by admin

Hello there!

Michelle with another rambling Scrap FX post.

This time it’s all about errors.

We all make them. I’m known to repeat mine.

The question is, how do you move past the self kicking stage ?

There are many answers. Meditation and yoga, tantrum throwing, swigging of alcoholic drinks and perhaps- perfecting your craft so that basic errors are avoided.

Sounds like a lot of work, right?

Scrapping should NOT be work. It should be fun- especially since it’s so darned expensive.

So here’s an answer. GET OVER IT! Accept and move on.

Here is a page I recently forced myself to finish despite several pet peeve mistakes:

Before I am accused of letting my 3 year old climb rocks in CROCKS, may I say: 1. I wasn’t there. This is the work of my husband- a man I thought beyond this kind of shenanigans. 2. Obviously my daughter is part goat because she was able to scale this rock in shoes that double as rubber tires- kids never cease to amaze- unless you look away- then it’s a guaranteed fall and over-night emergency room visit.

I believe what makes an “artisan” is the constant striving towards perfection. I don’t see polished pages as “perfect”. I mean “perfect” in that you don’t make any of the following boneheaded mistakes: (unless you do these on purpose then it’s genius and you deserve ALL the kudos)

Oh date stamp how I LOATHE thee! Will you EVER stamp predictably? I can measure and plan all I want- it means NOTHING. Also? Mist paint all over subject’s face! WTH? I was using a mask!!!!

and this:

I’m so impatient to finish, I journal directly on the card without a first draft and either misspell a word or misjudge the amount of space I have left and need to squish in those last few words. Plus? Hello ugly handwriting!

So WHY am I showing you this page? Because I like it.

I like that the embellishments match the sweater my daughter is wearing. This was not on purpose- it was a lucky break and I RAN with it!

I like the semi circle title that adds some dynamism to a static design.

I like that I used up some old stash items- Ormolu tags, Tattered angels mist paint in purple (Not color I use often. I wonder why? I really like it) and the awesome Scrap FX “Playground” alphas which come in two different sizes.

I blame it ALL on fellow Scrap FX design team member Scarlet. SHE started my obsession with sequins! I LOVE these see-through ones and I LOVE using my white Uni-Ball pen to outline my Scrap FX chippies. Now if I could just learn to heat emboss chipboard without making a nasty speckled mess…

Playground alphabet model number 2012306 is awesome sauce. Small, well designed and it comes with it’s baseboard- you KNOW this is going to end up as part of a mini book cover!

For this project I used the following Scrap FX items:

So that’s my message to you this week- move on!

Finish that page you are so annoyed by.

Try NOT to make spray misting your kiddo’s face the last step. That will annoy you no matter WHAT your scrap style is. 🙂

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