Let Your Dreams be your Wings….

by Tanya Froud

Hi Guys.

Popping in with an art journal page I recently created,

I was a bit down and felt I needed to lift my spirits with some bright colours. I started out with an ugly “clean it up page” in my journal and I matched the colours of my acrylic paints to what was already there. (the messy base clean it up was glossy acrylic prays so it was permanent as it had dried)

I then grabbed literally anything and everything and just played, a scrape of paint here a dab through a stencil there, I really just used this page to switch my mind off. I also stencilled the moth stencil in the centre of the page with black ink.

I hen grabbed a heavy weight sheet of white card and scrapped and dabbed the same color acrylic paints on to the card and let dry fully, before tracing the moth stencil onto it and filling the details in black paint and let dry. I then fussy cut it out and attached it the page in the center of the moth stencil so it lines up.

It was finished off with the quote cut from the collage paper.

Products used….

Segment Circles stencilcircle segment stencil

Majestic Moth stencilmajestic moth stencil

Scribble Script stencil scribble script stencil

Label Phrases collage label phrases collage paper

I painted the back of the moth black and used the space to journal thoughts and feeling at the time of the page being made.

That’s it from me, until next time….


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