LOVE, by Chantale

by Chantale Gagnon

I Everyone
Hope you have a great summer? Here in Quebec, summer is about to end, but I enjoy the most of it.
The routine will resume soon with the start of the school, so I will be able to get back to my workshop, because summer is not very inspiring to me.
In fact, I only create on rainy days, the rest of the time I enjoy the good weather.
I did this project quickly and I completely forgot to photograph my step by step. Sorry about that!
I always start by doing the background with paint and spray, then I glue rice paper and I use stamps, Always doing that, I don’t know why haha!
A little sketching with white pen over here, and texture paste there and my project was done.
I hope you enjoy, have a nice day!
For this project, I have used:

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