Dragonfly Ornament

by Amy Turner

Holy smokes it’s the middle of August?!?! Hard to believe!
For my project today I made a hanging ornament.

I used these Scrap FX goodies

Blossom Circle

Daisies Frame

Steampunk Dragonfly Silhouette

Label Maker Positive Transparency

I pulled a few items together that I thought would work, a few great chipboard shapes, a transparency,
a cute dragonfly and some beads, flower, sari ribbon that I had kicking around.

I painted the chipboard pieces black with acrylic paint, and grabbed a piece of gel printed paper from my stash.
I put the gel paper behind the wings of the butterfly and glued it to it.

After the paint was dry I attached the small circle chip to the bottom of the larger one with a piece of wire.
I then cut a piece of the transparency to the size of the larger chipboard piece and glued it to the back of it.
I glued my dragonfly down (and added the feather to the bottom of it that had been broken off with a black marker).
Then I went and added some extra embellishments of flower, a tassel, a feather charm, and a big bead with a sari ribbon to hang it all.
I’ve got a picture on a white background so you can see it a bit better as well as one hanging. 🙂

Until next time, stay safe!


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