Grace in Your Heart and Flowers in Your Hair by Amy.

by Amy Turner

Hi Everyone!

Hope you’re all well.  Here’s the thing … I’m not getting better at doing step by steps and taking process pictures.
Sorry! This time I’m going to blame it on my 2nd vaccine and a sore arm. lol

Elle Stencil


Dahlia Dot by Michelle Logan

Frond stamp LARGE

Frond stamp MEDIUM

Carpet Rug stencil

Love this stencil and when I saw her I decided I wanted her to be the shape of the page and the curves of her to be cut out.

So I stencilled her on a page with some acrylic paint and then cut around her.
On the backside I decided ole Dahlia Dots would be good as she was sort of roughly the same size.
I glued her down and then on the stencilled side I needed to cover up Dahlia’s hair
so I added a bunch of flowers. I love her head full of flowers.
I messed around adding colour and a ladder that serves as a page tab.
I did the same on the Dahlia page by colouring her and adding some bits to the other page.

And there you have it! Bonus points if you can figure out where the carpet stencil is. Honest it’s there in the background!
Keep well everyone!

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  1. Proud to even know such a talented person ! Lovely as usual !