A Bit of My Love Story

by admin

Hi There!  Scarlett here with one last round of ‘travel’ projects.  Its not very often the hubs and I get a chance to get away – when our kids were little we really didn’t want to leave them with babysitters any more than necessary and don’t have much family close – now we run our own German Shepherd kennel and time away, LOL – what’s that??!  So it seemed rather appropriate to document my favorite get away with my guy – our backyard!!

I’ll admit it – I’m a bit of an iPhone photo app junkie. If its free I’ll try it out (you can always delete later) – if its cheap and looks useful I’ll get it. The photo I featured on this wall hanging is the product of a few various apps – really love the results it gave and will be playing more. I mounted it to a gessoed wood surface and began picking through my ScrapFX chippies to find the just right pieces!!

Now you can see what I love heading outside – to have such a grand view of the countryside is a blessing indeed – one the hubs and I enjoy immensely!!

When I first saw the Fly a Kite Landscape (2010341) piece I had to have it!!! Mind you I’d no clue what I’d use it for since we don’t fly kites around here too often anymore, but it was adorable none the less! I went to town and coated it with a light layer of gesso – painted the rainbow stripes, people, and kite – misted and stamped along the bottom – and finished it off with some glitter glue on the rainbow stripes – this is such a sweet piece and could totally be used on its own!

Heart bokeh effect?? – um yes please!!!  Really think it was quite the happy accident the hearts from the photo effect look as if they are coming from the couple – say it with me….. awww. ; )

Here you can closely see the Fields of Flowers Chipboard (2010178) pieces I used – its fantastic how easily these cut apart stretching the mileage you can get from one piece. I also used some Funky Flower Buttons (2006192) and Retro Flowers (2010275) as well – for the first time in my scrappy days I can say I really love some flowers!! You can also faintly see where I used a piece of Chicken Wire (2011186) chipboard as a stamp to create some additional interest in the background.

I gave this wall hanging to my guy for our anniversary – he is looking for a place to hang it up and I love him for it. He’s my number one fan and supports me in all I do.  To end my post for today, here’s a LO I created featuring a rare shot of him and I where there isn’t some type of awkwardness due to an extended arm ; )

I used quite a few ScrapFX goodies on this page which made completing it a snap! The items used were: Buttons – Heart (2008083), Instant Photo Frames A (2012113), one piece from the Cogs, Large (2012092) set, a cloud piece from the Rainy Day Pack (2010147), Itty Bitty Bet – Typewriter (2005103) and a stamp I created using the Clouds and Raindrops (2012169) stencil.

Thanks for sharing in a bit of my everyday love story today – pretty plain and simple, but pure, abundant love that is for sure!

Until next time take care!!

4 Responses to “A Bit of My Love Story”

  1. Scarlett, that wall hanging is one of the most beautiful hearfelt projects Ive ever seen! Lovelovelove. The photo of you on your card is wonderful too!

  2. My jaw is on the floor! This is incredible, Scarlett!! WOW!!

  3. Wow! You are so talented! Love love your work!

  4. Very cool design, what a color combos!