Birds of a Feather by Amy

by Amy Turner

Holy smokes, where did May go?!? lol

Hope everyone is doing well.
I have a confession … I am not very good at planning my projects ahead,
I’m kind of a fly by the seat of my pants kinda girl.
I try to remember to take a few process pictures in between the beginning and the end but I don’t always succeed.
Will try to be better at this!

For the first project I used an old clipboard I have and decided to put one of my
favourite pictures of my Gram and I.
My Grandmother is an amazing woman, about to turn 91 and still busy.
She is an artist and has had such an interesting life.
In fact just yesterday I saw for the first time (thanks to my brother finding it),
the episode of Fraggle Rock that she was on.
Not sure if you all had this show where you are back in the 80’s or not
but it was a creation of Jim Henson’s who also did The Muppets.
She had an antique shop at the harbour front in Toronto and
he came and was hanging around filming in her shop.
Her appearance is only about 20 seconds and she has no lines but how cool is that?
Anywho I could write a whole pile of interesting stories but I will save
those for another time and place and just show you what I made. 🙂
p.s. I also realize looking at this picture how much my facial features are similar to hers.
Hopefully I look as great as her when I’m 90, soon to be 91, this picture is a
few years old but she looks pretty much the same now!

Here are the Scrap FX items I used for this project:

Berries Frame

Leaf Arrangement

Butterfly S Lacy

Plus these are sneaky in there, they are in the background so hard to see:

Fern Leaf Stamp

Zebra Circles Stamp

I started by clipping some papers down to the clipboard and then I glued down the picture.
That wasn’t the greatest plan, just clipping the papers let air in
behind and then it was bubbled and the picture got wrinkled. I do not need any more wrinkles added to my face thanks!
I ripped that sucker off and started over by gluing the papers down with gel matte medium.
Note this is the most accurate picture of my work … all the mess in the background lol

While the glue was drying on the bottom layer I cut a few things out on my Vagabond.
I cut out the mixed media corner that is a honeycomb, a leafy bit, and a bird. I also painted the butterfly and the berry vine.

I first stuck the picture down, then the berry vine and then I layered the butterfly and a bunch of other bits
I had in my stash including some chicken wire ribbon that I wrapped around the bottom. I was able to tuck some of the bits inside the wire.
After I was happy with the layout I added the limited edition Tim Holtz chip piece and the number pieces as well as the words birds of a feather.

I also made a little mini chipboard book that I’ve had lying around in my stash for years.
I had one last piece of my gel printed paper from my last Scrap FX project that was calling to be made in to something and this book needed to be used finally!
I ripped up the gel print and glued it to the pages of the book. Then I filled in any chipboard parts with a teal or hot pink paint.
I then added some pictures of 2 of my favourite girls, my nieces. I went back and added some marks with a white paint pen and a pink gel pen.
Then I added a few quotes and called it finished.




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