Dreamer of Dreams by Amy

by Amy Turner

Hi Everyone!

Today I’m sharing a spread I did in my art journal. I used these ScrapFX products

Hibiscus A

Flourish 15 Streamers

Zebra Circles Stamp

Circles in Circles Stencil

Circular Shawl Stencil

Nodules Stencil

Pod Stacks Stencil

Rustic Collage Stencil

Grunge Circles Rice Paper

Scribble Faces B Rice Paper

Typeface Rice Paper

I started out having a lot of fun getting messy making pretty papers using my gel printing plate.
I am sort of obsessed with trying different things on it at the moment.
I used a stencil technique Birgit Koopsen shared on her YouTube channel and the colours and affect are amazing!

After I had my papers made I had to decide what to do with them so I decided to glue them in to my art journal.
I used the one print as a whole and then the rest I ripped up to cover a spread in my journal.
I also cut out one of the scribbly faces and added her. I filled in some other spaces with bits of grunge circles rice paper. I glued it all down with gel matte medium.

After it was dry I added some hot pink paint, some punchinello, and some Izink Ice glaze.
I then used a couple stencils and traced the shapes on and then I painted all around the shapes to
get the reverse with black paint. I used pastels and a white paint pen to colour in the scribbly face and I stamped in a
couple places with the zebra circles stamp. To add finishing touch I painted a small hibiscus chip shape and a flourish chip shape and glued them down.
I drew on a scribbly similar to the chip one and added an outline around the page and glued on a Tim Holtz quote chip.

Stay safe and well everyone!

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