Strut Your Stuff By Amy

by Amy Turner

Hey everyone!

Hope you are all keeping well.
We are still in a lockdown here in Ontario which is difficult on everyone so a nice distraction was getting
a package in the mail from Australia!!

I was super excited to get the new seaweed stamp and stencil!

Ok, seaweed for some
but all I could picture was peacock feathers!

I played around with the stamp and stencil in my art journal first.
I also added some pretty colourful pieces by Michelle Logan from Scrap FX.

Seaweed Stamp 

Flowery Bits

Happy Houses by Michelle Logan

 Then I decided I was going to try to make a peacock! lol Hmm what did I have that may resemble a peacock lying
around the house?!?

Well, the easter eggs I made last month, some putty stuff that you use to hang pictures and a couple bolts of course!

I did toy with the idea of trying some clay I had sitting around but it required baking and well… my plastic egg wouldn’t
bake too well and I’m impatient.

Ain’t nobody got time to wait 30 mins to bake clay and then wait for it to harden!! lol

I rolled the putty stuff up and made a head and neck for my peacock and then I smooshed it on to the top of the egg, just stretching some of the neck over the egg.

Then I painted it a royal blue colour and the egg a teal blue.

Hmm what looks like the crown on the peacock?
Well a piece of the Leaf Arrangement chip of course.

Leaf Arrangement

I cut a piece of it off and stuck it in to the head and painted it as well.

Next I stamped and stencilled with the seaweed aka peacock feather stencil and stamp using different shades of teal and purple. I cut them out and then glued them on to the back of the peacock.

I also glued the bolts to the egg. I used glossy  accents for this for a good stick.

I also cheated and used some duct tape
on the bottom of the egg for a little more support. I painted it the same teal afterwards so it blended in.

After it all had dried, I added some white paint, gold pen and black marker to the head to add some eyes and the beak and some details.
And I added some more “feathers” to the back of it.
And actually to my amazement it does sort of look like a peacock!!

Keep safe and well folks! 🙂


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  1. And yet another amazing creation !