Scrapbook Layout and art journal page by Heike

by Heike Bruhn

Hello my dear blog reader,

welcome to my first blog post for the company ScrapFx.

Our New Year here in The Netherlands started with rain rain and rain.

I love rainfall and I think my garden too 🙂

I can`t wait for the garden season to start again.

At this moment I am in the process of making the first orders for my garden.

This year I want to plant a so-called bee tree.

After three years I finally found a garden store here in The Netherlands

who sells a tree like that. Yeah!!

But anyway.

Paint your own reality.


On the photo is my youngest daughter Mia.

This page is actually super easy.

I used Distress Ink for my background and over that black stamp images.

Highlight with a contrast color.

Transparency, a black and white photo and a flower images pin as embellishments.

This art journal page has a background from my geliplate left over paint. More precisely:

the left over paint on my brayer which I added always on DIN4 paper.

This kind of paint backgrounds is perfect for beginners.

I added collage paper, markmaking with a posca pen, stencil work and stamp images.

I used from Scrap Fx:

Collage paper / rice paper circle magic

Collage paper / rice paper art inspiration

Transparency: circle patterns

Transparency: hippie power

Transparency: silhouette faces


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