Great Ideas

by Amy Turner

Hey y’all! Well it’s 2021 and I am hopeful that things are going to get better!
In the meantime my mind has been completely distracted and so today’s project is a bit of a cray cray layout in my journal.

ScrapFX products used

Light Globe LARGE

Chains stamps

House & Home stamp

Mechanical Bits

I also used acrylic paints, Distress Ink Spray, gesso, a gel printed piece of paper, washi tape, Stabillo Woody pencils, Stabillo All pencil, and a couple colour copies

I started by adding gesso to the entire right side of the journal spread, and a bit through the middle of the fabric on the left side.
Then I used a colour copy of my face in mirror image and did an image transfer on the right side and I put a strip of washi tape along the bottom.
Once that was dry I added a bunch of acrylic paint and Stabillo woody pencils around the top of my head and sides.
I added the crown with a piece of gel printed paper that I had kicking around, the secret is I needed the crown because I was a bit too aggressive with the
image transfer and I put a bit of a hole in the page. Oops lol oh well, it was an opportunity not a mistake!
I did some stamping and sprayed some spray ink on the top of the acrylic paint on the left side.
Then I painted the lightbulb and the cogs, I put a picture of the house behind the lightbulb and glued it all down.
I added some outlines around my hair and glasses and the rays above my head. Then I added some scribbly circles around my one eye, cuz why not? lol

That’s all for now. Stay safe everyone!


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