Dreams by Amy

by Amy Turner

Howdy everyone!
Today I’m sharing a wood panel canvas I made. It has good reminders to follow your dreams, what are you waiting for?

I used Hummingbirds (the small one) 
Seed Stem Stamp Small
Seed Stem 
Dream Transparency 
Flower Power 
Ginko Leaves Stamp 

I also used  Tim Holtz tissue, a Scrap FX rice paper, various acrylic paints, Tim Holtz Distress crackle paste, a Lyra graphite stick, gesso and gel matte medium fluid.

First I used gel matte medium to add some tissue, rice paper and an old piece of paper that I had cleaned a brayer on … I loved the colours!
I coloured in some of the flower and leaves as well as the seed pods.

Then I added various colours of paint and the crackle medium. After it was dry I added some stamps of the seed pod, ginkgo leaves, bits of text, some
scribbly graphite marks and more pods as well as some leaves on the flowers I was going to add.

Then I added the finishing touches by painting the hummingbird, the flowers and adding the quotes from the Dreams transparency.
I glued down all the pieces and painted the edges of the panel and called it complete. 🙂

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