Scrapbook-page and two abstract art journal-pages by Heike`s AugenBlick

by Heike Bruhn

Hello my dear blog reader,
after we had a very warm June here in The Netherlands, the new month started with lots of rain. Had I already mentioned that I love rain? Yes, I belong to the people who prefer the rain. I also always say there is no bad weather when the rain falls. I love the smell of freshly fallen rain, the sound on the roof and the deep green colors of the plants. But anyway…
Let`s start with the inspiration for the month of July.
First I created a scrapbook page with a photo of my son Joshua
and two minimalist art journal pages.
I started my scrapbook layout on a dark brown cardstock which I painted with black gesso.
After that I added with my palette-knife light blue, yellow and light purple acrylic color to my page.
Then I started stamping with the new stamps from Scrapfx. Therefore I used the same colors, also
light blue, yellow and light purple.
My way of working is quite simple: I go from black (background) and end up with white or light shade colors.
You know already that I love bright colors too. So I added to a stencil from Scrapfx  my favorite red
acrylic color. After that I outlined the number stencil from ScrapFx with a white ballpen and I filled the empty space of the  numbers with white acrylic ink.
Then I added the funky peps designed by Michelle Logan and the beautiful transparency from ScrapFx
to my background.
The next step was my focal point for the photo of my son Joshua.
Mark-making, scribbeling and splatters so much fun to do… and such a beautiful layering on my page, too.
For my embellishments I used chipboards from ScrapFx. First I painted the chipboards white and then red. Tim Holtz tiny stickers as title.
Done !!
my next inspiration are two art journal pages.
The pages are 14 cm by 19 cm.
I used white watercolor paper.
Sometimes I really love to create minimalist art and
this workwise always feels to me like a new start, so refreshing. No overfilling and over-excitation of colors and texture. The red circle on black from Jiro Yoshihara from 1965 is an amazing minimalism painting and very impressive. So I chose his painting as inspiration for my art journal pages.
This month release from ScrapFx comes with lots of round stamps.
Perfect for a minimalist page.
Thank you so much for your visit
Have a beautiful day.

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