Conquer Colour Bags

by Deb Adams

Hi All,

Today I wanted to share my creative idea of taking mundane items like kraft paper bags

& taking them to a whole other level with colour & design.

These techniques could easily be applied to other surfaces such as canvas for home decor or a fabric cushion.

I am also thinking of decorating a canvas bag or one of my art aprons in a similar way.


Doodle Patterns stamp

Doodle patterns stamp

Symbology stencil

Symbology stencil

Letter & Number Rings stamps

Letters & numbers rings stamp

Scribble Word stamp

Scribble word stamp

Scallop Borders stamp

Scallops border stamp

Steampunk Stencil

Steampunk stencil

School Phrases transparency

School Phrases Transparency

Art Phrases transparency

Art Phrases Transparency

Dina Wakley Heavy Body Acrylic Paint

White Gesso

Distress Oxide inks

White Acrylic Ink

Gold Posca Pen

Hope this gives you some inspiration for some colourful creating.

Cheers for now



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