Revolution by Ros Aggett-Madley

by Ros Madley

Hi everyone, thanks for visiting today.

My page is a mixture of accidents today.  I have had one of those weekends where nothing seems to be working how I intend it.  It started when I went to stick the Loopy Script Collage Paper to a sheet of card.  Poured my matte medium to the back and when I started spreading it, realised I’d grabbed the gesso.  So I ended up with a white piece anyways and actually was quite happy with it.

Then I cut a few strips from the Faces Collage transparency and stapled them down the side of some backgrounds I had in my stash.   This reminds me of processed film and love the look of them.  I cut one of the faces from the Silhouette Faces transparency and backed that onto another previously made background.

I decided to back it all on a piece of chipboard.  I gave this a coat of Colour Blast black gesso.  Once dry I have used some Minc Reactive Paint to paint the title and the back of a couple of small faces.  Once dry these have been foiled using my Minc.  Lesson learnt here though, if the machine is hot it will melt your transparency to the carriage sheet.  So I just peeled it off.  Half remains on my Minc sheet, the other half, sans foil, made it to the page.

I also used the Flower Power stamp with some reactive paint and stamped randomly around the page.  What I didn’t count on though was not only the foil sticking to my stamped images, it also adhered to the black gesso in the background.  I really, really wanted a black background for this page but am also enjoy the organic look of the foiling.

Silhouette Faces transparency  Flower Power stamps Loopy Script collage paper

Revolution MIDI  Faces Collage transparency

Hope you’ve been inspired ♥


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