Star Gate of the Icarii Enchanters

by Deb Adams

Hi Fellow Creatives & Fantasy Readers,

I really enjoyed creating the project I am sharing today.

Hope you will read on to discover my inspiration & description of my creative process.

I have named this creation  STAR GATE!

I am currently rereading for the third time, The Axis Trilogy.

Presently part way through, Book one Battle Axe by Sara Douglass.

(Sara was an award winning Australian Fantasy Science Fiction author & Historian.)

I own & love many of her novels.   All kept to be read again and again.

Information about this amazing woman & her life’s work can be discovered through this link.

When reading ‘Battle Axe’, the Star Gate of the Icarii Enchanters was described as…

 “The circular pool contained no water; instead, to all intents and purposes, it contained the universe.

Its depths stretched into infinity.”

I think I captured these words with the image that I wanted to portray.

I also sourced inspiration from an image of a creation by Olya Kravets  called ‘Life Stone”

Only just now found she has a video with her creative process. Link included above.

My Creative Process was as follows: 

I had a 12″ circle chipboard in my stash which I used as a base for this project.

I applied a sweeping wave of Crackle & sand texture paste across this.

Adding in Art Stones & Mini Art Stones to the paste as well.

Left this to dry naturally.

The Arched stained glass Window chipboard from Scrap FX was tinted with Tarnished Brass Distress Stain

then dipped in a UTEE mixture & heat embossed. Love the golden bubbly effect.

I traced & cut the overlapping side layers from thick card board.  Trimming the edges to the circle shape.

The unique curled edges of the foreground layers was achieved with a hot glue gun.

I applied white gesso over these, adding in mini art stones & threads from white gauze.

The gesso acts like glue & gives its own texture from the brush marks.

Once dry, I applied Art Impasto paint in black, aubergine & cobalt to the circle base.

Also some Raven Black Sparks paint.

A light rub with Aged Brass Art Alchemy wax highlighted all the texture in the background

for a Galaxy effect.

The overlapping layers were painted with Art Alchemy paints in Emerald Green, Turquoise & Copper.

Applied to the base with Heavy Body Gel Medium around the circle edge.  Centrally propped up with foam supports.

Other metal & glass embellishments applied with the same medium.

Once dry a final rub with Art Alchemy Brass wax brought out all the texture

in these foreground layers & embellishments.

Amazing where the inspiration to create can come from.

Bye for now


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