Happy New Year!- 2020 Calender by Tanya Froud

by Tanya Froud

Here we are at the start of a new year!!!! This calls for a new calendar, and then I had an idea!… why not make a little flip book calendar…

Bear with me I meant to finish it by the time this post went live but I didn’t quiet make it, Sorry!…so I will share what I have so far and I promise to check back in with you later and do a flip through video once its all done…

First up I grabbed my Scrap FX stamps.. doesn’t mater which ones, in my case I think I used or (plan to use on the calendar) everyone I had at some point

Here is the link to the stamps in store rather then identify each and every one I used… but if you spy one you love just ask me and I will point you in the right direction!



I cut some heavy mixed media card and then used Distress Inks and blended a rainbow of colors on each page. And then grabbing my stamps I stamped randomly in no particular order,

Then using some stencils from the store I added extra layers, again I used a large variety so if there is a particular one you like just ask me what it is!

Here is the link to the stencils in store:    Stencils

I repeated this on all my cards.

I bound it together using washi tape run across top of each card until it formed a book.

I hope this inspires you to grab the stamps and stencils out and play!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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