Quick art journaling in a use it up journal

by Niamh Baly

Hi All,

Happy 2020 to you all. Hopefully you have had a relaxing break and got some lovely arty goodness over the holidays. We are back into the new year with so very quick art journal pages using my use it up journal. A use it up journal is a journal where I paint in excess paint from my palette, stick in collage pieces, clean off my brayer and my stencils. This helps me break the ‘white’ page and creates quick backgrounds to add focal images if I am stuck for time.

This journal page is a perfect example of this process in action. I painted the background behind the ladies with all the left over paints I had from another project. I used short brush strokes and just kept overlapping the colours until I  had used up all the paint and I liked the look. This sat in my journal for ages until I had an idea for this page. I stamped the chicken wire stamp in the background using a variety of different coloured archival inks. Then I placed the modern girl masks on the page and painted over the whole spread with black gesso. Once the page had dried I outlined the figured in sketchy site lines using a paint pen and wrote the quote.

This page started with the yellows and blues paints in the background. On the page  had also cleaned off some stencils and did some simple mark making with a paint brush. As one page was mostly yellow and the other mostly blue, I stamped in the opposite colours on each page with some mark making stamps. Finally I stencilled the freedom girl in black onto one page, and added the blossom bird silhouette opposite her. I added in some extra yellow to tie the pages together and then wrote the freedom quote using a black paint pen. Click below to see the process video of creating these two pages:


This page is a more complex version of the other two pages. It again started off as a use it up journal but I added some extra collage elements to the page using the divine new collage rice papers. I tore up the sketching paper into smaller pieces and adhered it using matt gel medium to the page. I stamped over the background using the cog, letter and numbers circle and the line marks stamp in a variety of archival inks. I then painted the intersections mask with white paint using my brayer and used it as a stamp over my page. I then cut out the lady from the rice paper and adhered her to the page and shaded it using prismacolour pencils. Finally I added the quote from the same collage paper to the journal page as well. I love how layered this page turned out with not too much effort. Click below for the full process video:

Here are the Scrap FX products I used in all the pages above:





So there you have it – 3 journal pages that don’t take hours to create. Hope this helps start of your 2020 Art journal 🙂 And if you are looking for more inspiration – make sure you subscribe to our Scrap FX YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkiaLsb1nB51Kbf8Py5wRlQ?view_as=subscriber

Happy Creating,



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